facelift procedures & fees


The following is a list of the more common procedures I perform. It is not exclusive however, If your concern is not covered here, please contact us for further details. The fees are are fully inclusive of all pre-and postoperative care, surgery facility costs and sterile consumables, surgical and anaesthesia fees and post operative medication, creams, garments etc. There are no extra hidden costs.

NB. These are guide prices and may change depending upon complexity of the procedure necessary. 


Blepharoplasty - from


Upper and/or lower eyelid surgery. A procedure with hidden incisions that removes hooded skin and fat from around tired looking eyes.

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Buccal fat pad reduction - from


The reduction of a deep fat pad in the cheek refines the mid face and gives structure to the facial profile

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Cheek augmentation - from


Restoration of cheekbone volume to rejuvenate the midface

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Earlobe repair - from


Split earlobes from pulled earrings or widened ear piercings

Facelift Mini - from


A mini facelift that address the jowl and jawline only. Suitable for those with no neckline aging and young voluminous skin

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SMAS Facelift and Neck Lift - from


A full face and neck lift that tightens the cause of the aging face - loose muscles and fat. After tightening the skin is meticulously redraped for pan facial rejuvenation.

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Fat transfer to face - from


The harvest and purification of fat from the tummy or inner thigh for transfer to the face to volumise depressions and folds.

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Liposuction jowls - from


Reduction of lower facial third and jowl fat volume from

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Lip reduction - from


Reduction of lip volume and/or length, or shortening of the upper lip - nose distance.

Necklift - from


Definition of the neck line either posterior (under the ears) or anterior (under the chin)

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Pinnaplasty - from


Pinning back of prominent ears.

Non Surgical

Dermal fillers - from


Injectable hyaluronic acid volumisers to mask wrinkles folds and depressions.

Rhinoplasty - injection - from


Injectable hyaluronic acid filler to conceal nasal irregularities

VBEAM perfecta - from


Dermapen micro needling - from


CO2 fractional laser - from


Prescription skin care