LED Phototherapy

At a glance

Appointment Time

30 mins







Final Result

Immediate but benefits continue for weeks after treatment

Brands Used


LED Phototherapy
pulsed dye laser treatment

What does it treat?

Ageing, inflammatory and infective skin disorders. Improves skin quality, lines, wrinkles and pore size and skin blood flow.


How does it work?

LED lights of specific wavelengths are absorbed by the skin to reduce inflammation, promote blood flow and reduce skin bacterial content.

pulsed dye laser

Who will perform the treatment?

No specialist expertise required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to plant photobiomodulation our skin cells are influenced by light of specific wavelengths. Blue, Red and near infrared light activates a cellular response in the skin to increase the skin cycle, reduced inflammation and encourage skin health.

Suitable for most skin types and ages to improve and maintain skin quality unless contraindicated.

Skin will appear more radiant immediately after treatment, and you should continue to benefit for weeks afterwards. Regular sessions for maintenance are recommended.

Non preparation required.

From £75 per session

Results are cumulative and regular treatments are recommended.

Skin will glow immediately after treatment

Face, neck and décolleté

No specific post treatment instructions

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