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The confidentiality of my patients is as important as my care for them. All the patients here have given me their express written permission to publish their photographs on my website. From making the initial decision to undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery, the process is intensely personal. My patients have facelifts for many reasons, and not one of them is pure vanity as the media like to suggest. All patients shown here have benefited from the selfless permission given by previous patients to have their photographs published and for that I indebted to them.

Some professional associations guide their membership to not publish before and after photographs suggesting that it breaches patient confidentiality and may lead to false expectations. I do not agree with this. To make an informed decision about a surgeon, I believe a prospective patient must have the option to critically appraise his or her work whilst relaxed and at home, not just in a consultation room when there is time and /or social pressure to make an informed judgement. I have done my best to show all gallery examples with exact positioning, backdrop and lighting. I have used high definition photography with standardised settings. Absolutely no digital alteration and I have removed makeup wherever possible.