Alan 43 Facelift Neck lift

It is rare than young guys are happy to ‘go public’ about facial plastic surgery despite the fact that many are seeking subtle refinements in their appearance. Alan, who has given me permission to use his photos to help others came to see me as after significant weight loss had a lot of facial skin and soft tissue laxity. The descent of his mid face had lead to hollowing under his eyes and folds of skin on his naolabial folds, jawline and neck. We undertook a face and neck lift under local anaesthetic to sharpen his look.

Morning after facelift and neck lift surgery

Alan is looking great, despite little sleep and surgery a few hours before.  One already gets a sense of improved facial proportion, skin tailoring and and improved jaw and neck line. We wash all our patients hair the morning after surgery to make them feel more human before going home but appear to have missed cleaning up Alan’s ears in these shots! On profile view we can see the subtle change in scar placement in front of the ears to prevent advancement of bearded skin into the ear.

One week after surgery

At one week Alan is healing brilliantly. Male faces are harder to operate on as the blood supply to beard skin is more prolific and the ligaments tethering the skin got the underlying tissue are stronger but on the plus side men heal very quickly and bruising often resolves more quickly than the girls. Alan is looking great, mid face revolumised, jawline sharper and wounds healing great

One month after surgery

Alan is back and looking sharp at least a decade younger. A short new haircut instantly tells me that there are no concerns with his incisions! Beautifully healed now his incisions are still visible on close inspection but will be invisible in a few more weeks. I am really happy with this result. Men are wary about facial cosmetic surgery as the media like to publicise the less acceptable work, but if performed sympathetically, with care and in the right patient it can completely reinvigorate ones appearance and therefore confidence. Rebecca will finish of Alan’s transformation with a little wrinkle reducing injections and under eye filler then he will be done. Great guy. Great result.

Twelve weeks after surgery

12 weeks out, Alan is looking brilliant. His neck and jawlines are clean and sharp and he maintains good youthful mid facial volume. I have lasered the area in front of his ear lobe as it is still a little red should improve it. Speaking of earlobes, I will keep an eye on his ear lobe shape, it has elongated slightly as his face has relaxed. It isn’t yet a ‘pixie’ ear and looking at Alan’s natural earlobe shape before surgery it is not much different but it is one thing we keep an eye on in post facelift follow up. Pixie ears are where the earlobe becomes continuous with the face (some people are naturally pixied) After surgery they arise usually because of too much tension in the skin during closure of the skin flap.