Catherine, 67; Facelift, neck lift, platysmaplasty, liposuction surgery

Catherine came to see me about restoring her jaw and neck lines. Her lower facial third was dominant and the descent of soft tissue and volume depletion in the mid face mad her look older than she felt. Pan facial hyper pigmentation malar flushing was also contributory. A dark fat patch of skin by her right eye had previously been biopsied with no sign of anything nasty so was safe to treat. She started a prescription skin care programme a few weeks before we undertook a face and neck lift, platysmaplasty, lateral temporal brow lift and under chin and jawline liposuction. 

Morning after Facelift, neck lift, platysmaplasty, liposuction surgery

Cath had quite an extensive operation yesterday. After sculpting the fatty accumulation in her neck and jawline I lifted her facial muscles and repaired the split platysma muscle under the chin. I also shave a small mole off her right jowl! Considering the extent of her surgery, she looks surprisingly unswollen the morning after. A lovely jaw and neck line ha returned. We can also see the difference just a few weeks of the right skin care regime makes as her facial skin looks fresher and more homogeneous. I expect Cath to swell and little more before her bruising really comes out, but she has the makings of a really nice result. 

One week after surgery

Cath is back for removal of her stitches at a week looking great. The transformation in her jaw and neck line is extraordinary! Bruised as expected, this will settle over the next week or two. Today I have drained some tissue fluid (seroma) which has accumulated under the skin deep in the neck. This might need another needle drainage in a few days time but after that her lymphatic system should drain the residual fluid. A couple of seasons of manual lymphatic drainage should help her.

Six weeks after surgery

Cath is doing really well at 6 weeks out. Following her seroma she has a few lumps in the neck where the underlying tissue is healing which causes a lumpy indurated feeling. Kimberly will work on this with a few sessions of Manual lymphatic drainage which should help it soften up nicely. Cath’s new face shape is really taking effect now with a lovely reduction her lower facial third and neck volume. The lateral brow lift has given better shape to her outer upper eyelid definition. Poor Cath has had a prolonged recovery but the result will be well worth it.

Three months after surgery

Much better! At 3 months Cath is now really well healed and almost all the lumpiness has now settled with Kim’s help. Cath’s scars have healed beautifully even under close up inspection. Amazingly no one has noticed she has had surgery. I often hear this and in my mind that is the mark of a brilliant result. It’s easy to make a face look ‘operated’ on but a natural sympathetic rejuvenation where you look just like you but better is my goal. Its easy to see the huge difference with before and after photos side by side though and Cath’s are remarkable.

One year after surgery

Here is Cath at a year out. Her lift is holding perfectly and a huge improvement on the preoperative photos. The underchin area bothers me though, her platysma repair has come apart so I am going to redo this for her, living tissue can be frustrating…. I swear that repair was perfect at the time of surgery. All other artists have it easy using media that doesn't change with time!