Debbie 53 Facelift Neck lift Lower eyelid surgery

Debbie consult me about rejuvenating her lower facial third and lower eyelids. She had already undergone upper eyelid blepharoplasty. An athletic attractive lady, Debbie was looking restore her appearance. We undertook a face and neck lift, and skin pinch blepharoplasty to her lower eyelids to help her achieve her goal. Here is her story.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Lower eyelid surgery

Debbie’s surgery went well, The morning after the rejuvenation in her face is already visible. I have removed a small amount of crepy skin under the eyes which always looks a little spooky in the first few days. This will settle and hal by about day 10. Until then Patients have to just trust me that they will look normal again!

One week after surgery

Poor debs developed a haematoma on the second post operative day. This is a blood clot under the skin flap which I had to evacuate and stop the bleeding. This is why she is much more bruised on the left side of her face. It will settle with regular intervention and monitoring by me. I have no idea why debbie developed this, my personal haematoma incidence is 3% and usually it is due to high blood pressure, heat or (inexplicably...) patients of Scottish descent! Her lower eyelid stitches were removed at day 4 and the wounds are already fading beautifully. Despite her setback, Debbie is going to look brilliant.

Four weeks after surgery

4 weeks after surgery and I am seeing Debbie before she embarks on a backpacking trip around South America. She looks just great. Her mid face has been volumised, her lower eyelid hollows and skin excess improved and her jaw and neck lines defined. A really nice result. I am packing her off with some high factor SPF scar gel and will keep in touch whilst she is away. 

10 months after surgery

Debbie has returned following what sounds like an amazing trip. 10 months following her surgery her lift is holding up really well and she maintains balanced facial proportions, a perfect jawline and rejuvenated eyes. She has some hypertrophic scarring and a hint of a pixie lobe on her right ear - pic below - which I am not happy with so plan to revise this for her with a quick local anaesthetic procedure in the near future.