Debbie, 52: Facelift Necklift

Debbie, 52 years old: Facelift, Necklift

Debbie came to see me having noticed a rapid recent change in the texture and elasticity of her facial skin. Her facial aesthetic concerns related primarily to lack of jawline definition, early jowl formation and secondary neck laxity. She also had descent of the mid facial tissues causing lower eyelid hollowing. After carefully discussing all of her options, Debbie elected for a a face and neck lift under local anaesthetic.

Morning after facelift surgery

52 Year old lawyer for Face and Neck lift. These photos are taken the morning after surgery (18 hours after surgery) under local anaesthetic alone. Debbie arrived at clinic at 8am and was back at home by 3pm and slept in her own bed. She will be fit to return to work in a few days with her younger, fresher face. Note the improvement in Neck contour, jawline, jowls and mid-facial volume.

Week one after facelift surgery

Debbie at 6 days after Facelift and Necklift.
The sutures are now out and a facial support garment should be worn at bedtime for a further week. By day 3 she was out with friends for a Lunch date, day 5 she was shopping and she starts work with a new firm tomorrow on day 7.

"Thank you Dominic

If you click and have a look in the gallery on the email that I have forwarded you will see the results of your work in picture 2 (at a business function!)

I am absolutely thrilled.
Thank you so very very much.

have a fabulous weekend.
Kind Regards

"Good morning Dominic!
I have attached a photo taken yesterday. I am absolutely delighted. I am so very glad I came to see you. You are so very clever!
See you soon
Kind Regards

five months after facelift surgery

Debbie is why I LOVE my work. On our first meeting, I was struck by the disconnect between her face and her bubbly personality. This was a happy lady that didn't look it at all! Following her surgery her appearance compliments her persona perfectly. Beautiful, relaxed and happy

"I will always be grateful to you for putting a genuine smile back on my face"

One year after surgery

I was so happy when Debbie sent me this photo. It is her profile picture as a solicitor in a new practice. It shows far better than my clinical shots how Debbie has settled into her new look. No longer feeling invisible, after a few tough years and then the menopause, she now radiates confidence. Her younger work colleagues just don’t believe her actual age! A new hairstyle and wardrobe and a supervised program of nutrition and exercise now make her physique match her new face.

Two years after surgery

Two years after her facelift, Debbie is a completely different woman. Debbie tells me that rejuvenating her face was just the first step in reclaiming herself. She is now healthier, happier and more beautiful than ever. She strides into clinic feeling more confident and looking gorgeous. Her jowls have gone and her neck and jawlines are reclaimed and there is no sign that they will be returning anytime soon. Debbie is maintaining her result by eating clean, looking after her skin and being happy!

Three years after surgery

Lovely Debbie was back in clinic today for upper eyelid blepharoplasty. I took these photos preoperatively and we can see the result in the coming months. A great opportunity though to see Debbie 3 years out from her face and neck lift. Everything is holding beautifully. Debbie remains transformed! Her jaw and necklines nicely defined, no sign of those jowls and a fresh proportionate face. Now for those upper eyelids!