Diana 57 Revision facelift neck lift surgery

Diana was referred to me by industry colleagues. She had already undergone a facelift previously and was looking to refreshen her appearance. Her previous surgery had held well but there was signs that the mid face was starting to drop once again with secondary neck laxity. We undertook a revision face and neck lift, platysmaplasty, lateral temporal brow lift and upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic.

Morning after Revision facelift, neck lift, brow lift, platysmaplasty, eyelid surgery

Diana’s surgery went really well. Despite, natural swelling the morning after she already looks more proportionate and defined. Her upper eyelid surgery should really frame her eyes as it heals. 

One week after surgery

Just a week after her revision surgery, Diana is back for removal of her stitches. She looks great. Bruising is now on its way out and a lot of her swelling has settled. Her earlobes are swollen, which is completely normal whenever an incision is closed around the ears, and these will deflate to their normal size pretty quickly over the next few days. Diana has a lovely facial shape developing.

One month after surgery

A month out and Diana looks incredible, much fresher and far younger than her actual age. Her neck and jawlines are exact and her skin looks brilliant. The upper lid and brow surgery has really defined her natural eye shape, whilst the mid facelift has supported her lower eyelids reducing the hollowness and restoring youth. Her visible old scarring has been removed and her new scars are almost invisible.

Three months after surgery

At 3 months, Diana is doing just great. Her mid face now has the volume and proportions of a lady 2 decades younger. Her eyes are framed perfectly and her loose neck skin has been addressed. Her scars are healing well, a little red by the ear lobe by barely noticeable except on close up photography and a big improvement on her previous scarring shown below. I’ll see Diana again at a year, A shame really, it seems too long because she always brings smiles and warmth with her into the clinic.