Jo, 41; Facelift, Neck, Brow lift

Jo, 41 year old; Facelift, Neck, Brow lift

Some people at first seem ‘too young’ for a facelift, but I have learnt to treat the face in front of me and not the date of birth in the notes! Jo came to see me after losing 3 stone. She is a beautiful girl whose skin no longer fitted her face and her facial soft tissues had been pulled (and left) downwards. We undertook a full face, necklift and browlift under local anaesthetic. Here is her story

Morning after facelift surgery

These photos are of Jo the morning after full facelift, necklift and browlift. Already years have been taken off her by replacing her mid facial soft tissue back in the mid face and gently trimming the skin excess.

Day Seven after facelift surgery

A week on and Jo’s stitches are out. The swelling has gone down and her bruising has migrated to the lower neck where it can be covered with a scarf, this will settle in another few days. Her brow position has settled and her neckline is beautifully defined once again following her weight loss.

Day Ten after facelift surgery

This is Jo before and 10 days after her facelift on her webcam. “Jo didn’t “need” a facelift according to her friends. I agree, nobody NEEDS a facelift, but in the right patient, when meticulously planned and performed with care it can make an enormous difference. Jo’s result is natural and fresh, she is a 41 year old who has gone from looking mid to late 40’s to mid 30’s. That is my idea of the right result. Radical. natural and soft; she looks like herself…just better!!”