Julie 51 Facelift Neck lift eyelid surgery

Julie came to see me about freshening her look after months of research and on recommendation of an industry colleague. She has a naturally pretty face good underlying facial bone structure but felt her soft tissue had migrated downward over the preceding few years. We undertook and face and neck lift and upper eyelid blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, eyelid surgery

Julie is doing really well after her surgery yesterday. Minimal bruising and swelling and a lovely face shape is already apparent. Her neck line has come up beautifully. Her bruising should come out over the next few days and I suspect she might feel very tight as she has very little facial fat to cushion the tension of her muscular lift. This should ease by day 3 or 4. I look forward to seeing her in a week for removal of her stitches.

One week after surgery

Julie is back for stitch removal, a year older according to her passport (happy birthday Julie) but a decade younger in these photos. She really has very little bruising and swelling considering. Her facial proportions are transformed, lifted, volumised and rejuvenated. She looks like her self, just better. Lovely.

Four weeks after surgery

Julie at 4 weeks is well ahead of the curve with healing. She looks fresher and proportionate. Lovely contours to her mid face and a defined jawline have regained her confidence. Her eyelid scars are invisible and her facial incisions are almost invisible. I will put up a close up photo of them at 3 months. I have recently started using visual 3D analysis to document my surgical results. The preoperative (left image) is a 3D reconstruction of Julie’s face minutes before surgery - I now use this to guide my sculpture intraoperatively. The right image is taken today at 4 weeks out.