Julie 58 Facelift neck lift surgery

Julie was looking to make a radical rejuvenation to her image. She has a naturally pretty face, but these features were were not being capitalised on with an abundance of excess tissue and volume in the wrong segments. We agreed to undertake a face and neck lift, liposuction to the jawline and under chin areas, platysmaplasty and upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Here is her story.

Morning after facelift, neck lift, brow lift, platysmaplasty, eyelid surgery

The day after surgery Julie has just had her bandage removed and hair washed. She looks brilliant considering yesterday I performed extensive direction and facial liposculpture. Her side and underchin compartments were completely lifted refined and redraped. I am excited to see how she progresses over the next few weeks as already Julie’s new facial profile is obvious. A few days in bed with an ice pack first though!

Two days after surgery

It is so rare for me to see a picture of my patients at day 2 after surgery. Julie kindly sent me these 48 hours after her surgery back at home. Day 2-3 are usually the worst for swelling, tightness and soreness but Julie seems to be doing brilliantly. Brushing will come out in her neck over the next 48 hours as the swelling settles. Keep going Julie, you will have a fantastic result!

One week after surgery

At one week Julie is still swollen but settling beautifully. Bruising in her neck from her liposuction should be gone in another week. Her upper eyelids already look much better defined and her facial shape is gorgeous. Julie tells me her neck line is better than it has ever been! Considering the extent of Julie’s work she is far ahead of where I would expect which bodes really well.

Four weeks after surgery

Here is Julie at 4 weeks out. She looks just lovely and has a well deserved new found confidence. A softer, more defined face and neckline. Her eyes are also framed beautifully. Incisions are healing well (see below) and should be completely inconspicuous in a few more weeks. She has developed some thread veins under the flap infront of her ears which I have treated today with a pulsed dye laser.

Four months after surgery

At nearly 4 months out Julie is back for review. This is her final result and is absolutely lovely. Julie refers to it as lifechanging and the best thing she has ever done for herself. When we look good we feel good and Julie looks and feels great! Positive knock on effects on day to day life and relationships are tangible. Julie looks rested, fresh and happy. Her lower facial third fullness now sits better inner mid face and her eyes are lovely and open. Her scars have healed beautifully and the thread veins under the skin flap have reduced after treatment and have been treated again today. I have put up a full section on her 3D analysis today below to comment in more detail.

3D Vectra Four months

The 3D Vectra photographic imaging is sold to doctors as a sales tool to simulate what ‘might’ be achieved with surgery. I don’t use it for this as I don’t like to ‘sell’ surgery to patients. It is however super useful as a reference during surgery and I have the preop views on the screen visible to me during surgery. It helps as a guide to visualise what I find turing surgery and see in real time how this translates to what is seen in the upright face. These views are snapshots of a program that can be moved in 3 Dimensions to objectively analyse what ‘has been’ not ‘might be’ achieved. 

One year after surgery

Lovely Julie is back to see me at a year out. She looks brilliant, fresh and rejuvenated. Julie is concerned that her jowls might be recurring but looking at these photos there is very little difference between now and the result at 3 months. Julie has gained and lost a significant amount of weight over this year and this can detriment a result as the skin is ‘tailored’ to a certain weight. Julie does have a little laxity of the skin as expected following this, but the underlying muscles are still tight so when Julie is at a stable weight I have agreed to take in a little more skin for her!