Lesley 62: Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift

Lesley is a great case. She is a lovely lady who came to see me hiding her face behind a fringe and bob. The disconnect between her youthful persona and appearance was obvious. She wanted pan facial rejuvenation, her lowered brow line hid her eyes, her jowls covered her jawline and she had lost her neck definition. We undertook facelift, necklift and browlifting together under local anaesthesia.

Morning after facelift surgery

The morning after facelift, necklift and browlift performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. Note the immediate improvement in facial wrinkles, skin laxity, midfacial volume, brow position, jawline and neck contour. Early bruising around the upper eyelids is from the browlift surgery and will settle within a week. Otherwise facial bruising and swelling is minimal. Lesley plans to be back at work in 6 days.

Week one after facelift surgery

Exactly a week after surgery, Lesley looks incredible, where did that Jawline come from?! Stitches are removed, bruising settling and literally years have been removed!

“all my friends can’t believe the difference, definitely 15 years off!, You are a complete star!!”

Ten weeks after facelift surgery

Wow, what a result Lesley has had. She was understandably initially nervous about surgery but breezed through the procedure and quick recovery. She is absolutely gorgeous now, such a kind, graceful person who now looks a million dollars! It has been my absolute pleasure to have helped her regain her self confidence... just a short course of fractionated Co2 laser and I will be 100% happy!!

“Bless you, it has been very good for my self-confidence, all your work and so pleased I met you. Trust came instantly, you are the top of your field and it made it all very easy!!”

Week twelve after facelift surgery

Lesley at 12 weeks following face and neck lift surgery. All incisions are well healed, all swelling has subsided and hair has started growing through the scars such that they are almost impossible to identify. Expected mild relaxation of her lifted facial tissues has resulted in a gentle and natural result.

Six Months after facelift surgery

Here is Lesley 6 months following her facelift with her hair up. Her incisions are now almost impossible to see even with magnification and a high definition camera! She looks as good as always and has really settled into her new look. I plan to perform some gentle skin resurfacing and then her makeover will be complete!

Two years after surgery

2 years after her surgery Lesley is back in the clinic to discuss skincare. Firstly, she looks AMAZING! Her lift is holding well and her scars are completely invisible even under theatre LED lighting and loupe magnifying glasses. Her upper eyelids have mysteriously improved too. (I might have had something to do with that that a few months ago!) We plan to C02 laser resurface Lesley’s full face in the winter months so will hopefully put up some photos then.

Three years after surgery

It’s not often I get to see patient’s at 3 years after surgery but I saw Lovely Lesley today whilst she was in the clinic seeing Rebecca for maintenance. She has totally transformed and her new look suits her so much better!
I deep laser resurfaced her facial skin a few months ago and it is now soft wrinkle free and glow with health. Her neck and jowls remain nice and tight and her lift is lasting beautifully. Lesley invested in her face 3 years ago and has looked after that investment perfectly - she is now reaping the rewards!