Lynne, 63; facelift neck lift

A good 70% of my work comes by word of mouth. This happened in Lynne’s case. She came to see me concerned about her neck predominantly. I rarely perform a neck lift alone as conceptually it makes no sense to me. The face ages with the neck so both need addressing to achieve the best result. Lynne agreed to undergo face and neck lift, platysmaplasty and sub mental and jaw liposuction. This is her timeline.

Morning after Face and Neck lift, Platysmaplasty, Liposuction

The morning after facelift, neck lift, platysmaplasty (midline neck lift) and under chin microliposuction Lynne is doing great. A strap mark bruise on the neck is entirely my fault - I must have put her bandage on a little tight after some significant liposuction - sorry lynne! This aside she is doing just great. Already her profile is restored as is her jawline.

One week after surgery

A week after her surgery Lynne is back for removal of her stitches. The last remaining bruising is now down in the neck and she is looking great. A little unevenness in the field of liposuction is normal at this stage and will settle in a few weeks. Her face is more youthful and jawline beautifully defined.

One month after surgery

At a month Lynne is back in. She underwent plasma resurfacing at two and a half weeks after surgery and has bright red marks under her eyes and on the chin where her skin is healing. Her facial structure is settling wonderfully. A gently curved mid facial profile leads to a neck line which is much more pleasing, the unevenness is settling and her scars are healing well (visible in the profile view)

Six months after surgery

Six months following surgery Lynne looks lovely. Her facelift is holding really nicely and her jawline and mid face look great. Her scars are completely invisible on the profile view. I am not 100% happy with her midline neck where a platysmal band has become obvious again. Occasionally this can happen either where the repair has failed or where a band to the side of the repair has become more prominent. I follow all of my patients up for at least a year to keep an eye on things and plan to redo Lynne’s platysmaplasty shortly. I cover all the costs of this including the hospital and surgery fees. I want my patients to have the perfect result!