Maggie, 68 Facelift Neck lift platysmaplasty

Maggie sought my help with her jowls and neckline. She wanted to regain her natural good looks and thought it was time to freshen up her appearance. Why? because she was getting married shortly! Unfortunately I had no available space before her big day so I fitted her in to a last minute slot that became available due to illness. We had three weeks before her wedding….. here is the story of her face/neck lift and platysmaplasty under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Morning after Facelift Neck lift platysmaplasty surgery

Maggie just breezed through her surgery. I have noticed anecdotally that those who control their nerves and approach their procedure pragmatically knowing that we are there for them all the way do better. Despite very little sleep, Maggie looks great, her jowls have lifted tot he mid face and her jaw and neck lines have been restored to their former selves. 6 weeks minus one day and counting! Let’s see her in a week.

One week after surgery

Here is Maggie 7 days later. Fully made up there is very little bruising on the face and her swelling has really settled by meticulously following post op instructions. The bruising is confined the neck and will descend and disappear over the next few days. Her incisions are healing remarkably well and I suspect by 6 weeks, with good camouflage,  she might even be able to wear her hair up for her vows. I have pulse dye layered her bruising today and injected a little wrinkle reducing injections into the frown lines. Operation "Get Maggie to the Wedding” is well on track!

Two weeks after surgery

Maggie, looking wonderful, popped in to see me before her wedding next week. We are getting her skin in to great shape for the day. Just two weeks following face and neck lift and platysmaplasty she is well on the way to healing. I have zapped a couple of small bruises which remain deep in the neck which should disappear over the weekend.

Four weeks after surgery

4 weeks after her facelift Maggie is back a newly married lady and looking so lovely. We have performed a light peel on her skin and a little wrinkle reducing injections in the forehead to soften the frown lines.
She is doing just great, It is early days in the healing process but so far so good!