Sarah 50, Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift

I have been treating Sarah non surgically for years. The time came that she asked me to address her jawline and jowls. She is a keen equestrian asked me if I could help improve her brow position after an injury had caused scarring to the left eyebrow. I suggested a face, neck and brow lift which we undertook under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

The morning after face and neck lift and lateral temporal brow lift, Sarah looks great. A little swollen and it is too soon for the bruises that will likely come out over the next few days. We can get a good early indication of her result. I have undermined and elevated the scar above her left eyebrow and this should settle and symmetrise over the coming weeks. 

One week after surgery

Sarah is back and doing brilliantly. Her bruising is now mainly in the neck and her incisions are healing really well. As someone who is super fit, Sarah is recovering quickly and is back on her horses - albeit wearing a facial support! Her asymmetric brow is settling nicely.

One month after surgery

When a facelift patient walks in to clinic with their hair tied back at 4 weeks I know they have had a good result! Sarah is doing really well. Her jawline and jowls are sharper, she has good mid facial volume and her incisions are healing really nicely. They will still be red at this early stage but will settle and fade with time. Her brow scarring is much better and she has a much more pleasing sweep to her eyebrow line. Now is time for prescription skin care and protection from the elements for this outdoors girl!

Ten months after surgery

Sarah is now nearly a year following face, neck and brow lift. Her skin is glowing on prescription skin care and her scars are almost invisible. Her lift is holding really well with her jaw and necklines defined and no sign of the jowls returning. A little excess upper eyelid skin and crepiness of the lower eyelids will be addressed in the autumn.