Sheri, 60; Facelift, Neck, Liposuction

Sheri, 60 years old; facelift, neck lift, liposuction

Sheri had been put off a facelift by the general anaesthetic. She is a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and as such didn’t want the period of starvation and hassle of an insulin sliding scale drip that is necessary with diabetic fasting. She had noticed a chance in her mid and lower face and neck over the preceding few years. She underwent face and neck lift and jowl, jaw and chin liposuction and was back home a few hours after. Here is her story.

Morning after facelift surgery

The morning after her facelift surgery. Sheri had her bandage removed after a night in the hotel and her hair has been washed. Manual lymphatic drainage has already taken down much of her swelling. She has a little bruising in the neck and jowl from her liposuction. The radical change in her profile is already evident. she is going to have a lovely result.

Sheri going home after surgery.

Day six after facelift surgery

Sheri has returned to have her stitches out and what a transformation! She has set the new record for fast recovery having been out with friends on day 3 and doing a (gentle!) zumba class on day 4. Her bruising is confined to neck and covered with a scarf.  Her friends can't believe the transformation. She sent me this message:

"Hi Dominic, I just can't believe the comments I am receiving about my new look!!! Awesome! So Happy!! Doing cartwheels now!"

This is again why I am passionate about my work, it makes a real difference to people's lives. When we look good, we feel great!

Week Four after facelift surgery

Sheri is back for review and looks fantastic. Her incisions are well on the way to healing, the volume is back where it should be in her mid face, her under eye hollowing has reduced and her jawline is well defined.
I plan to perform a little fat transfer to her under eye tear troughs and laser resurfacing. Then I will be completely happy! Sheri will be back in a couple of months for review.