Tracey, 52; Facelift, Neck lift, Platysmaplasty surgery

Tracey came to see me about her lower facial third and neck. She had started to notice her neck and jawlines disappearing and sought my advice. A dichotomy between upper and lower halves of her face, I felt a face and neck lift with platysmaplasty should help bring her better balance. This is her journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Platysmaplasty surgery

Surgery went well yesterday and Tracey is doing brilliantly. Extensive sculpting and a good tight lift should give her a lovely result. I don’t expect too much facial bruising but she might need to wear a scarf for a couple of weeks to cover the neck.

One week after surgery

Just a week later and Tracey is back for review. Expectedly bruised in the neck, this will settle in the next week or so. A lovely initial result is coming through, a bit of deflation to go but I am excited for her.

One month after surgery

Just 2 days later and poor Dee is back up to London for removal of her facial stitches. Swelling continues to subside and her upper eyelids are healing really nicely. As her swelling subsides, Dee might notice a bogginess under her chin as the fluid descends to pool in the area for a few days. It will settle within a week. I have attached a close up view of her incisions so we can see how they heal over time.

Three months after surgery

3 months out now and this should be Tracey’s final result. The face will continue to age from here but she has a really lovely natural facial shape that compliments her already youthful upper facial third. All has now healed beautifully.

One year after surgery

A whole year out and Tracey pops back to clinic. She looks and feels fantastic. Her result has changed little from 9 months ago and she has settled into her new face beautifully. I am so pleased for her. Its a curious process going through facial rejuvenation. Tracey wasn’t sure that surgery had made a huge difference - until we looked back at the befores! - The initial tightness and swelling morphs gradually over months to the finished result and in that time everybody forgets where they started. The naturally rejuvenated face is very easy to live with, the difference is striking yet subtle. It has been an absolute pleasure to look after Tracey.