Tracy 51 Facelift, Neck lift, Liposuction, eyelid surgery

Tracy is a keen dancer and had been looking for a while for a surgeon to freshen her look. Having seen other patients' reviews of our work she came for a consultation. We decided to undertake a face and neck lift, under chin and jawline liposuction, upper and lower eyelid surgery and under eyelid CO2 laser. Here is her journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Liposuction, upper and lower eyelid surgery

That is a lot of surgery under local anaesthetic, but Tracy didn’t feel a thing. She lay comfortable whilst Vicky performed 4 hours of reflexology as I worked on Tracy’s face. The morning after she is swollen as expected. Despite this swelling we can already get an impression of how her facial proportions have been changed. Whilst the lower facial work will make a huge difference, I suspect her eyelid work will really make an impact. Looking forward to seeing how she progresses.

One week after surgery

Lipstick on Tracy is back for removal of her face stitches. Her eyelid stitches were removed at day 4 and have healed unusually quickly. She looks fantastic and feels even better. Her eyes are framed as the skin excess has been removed, a little red under the eyes as the Laser resurfacing heals, and her jawline is back. Bruising is now mainly in the neck and chest and will go over the next week. I have included a close up photo below of Tracy’s scars
(still an incision line at this early stage) at 7 days just after removal of stitches.

Four weeks after surgery

Wow, wow, wow! Tracy is back at 4 weeks and probably wins the award for fastest recovery ever. She looks astonishing. Balanced, proportionate and beautiful. Her eyes have healed really very quickly and now are alive and rejuvenated. Her face has settled in a defined curve and she oozes confidence. So nice to see and what makes this job really very very special. 

Three months after surgery

Tracy at 3 months looks brilliant. Her facial shape is now softer more feminine and proportionate. Her eyes have come back to life not only with direct eyelid surgery but also her mid facelift has improved the lower lid position giving her back a lovely shape.

One year after surgery

Tracy is back to see me at a year. What a transformation. Her beautifully framed eyes now sit within a balanced facial structure with a reduction in lower third and neck fullness. So pleased for her, her photos don’t quite do justice to just how great she looks.