Val 71 Facelift, Neck lift, platysmaplasty, eyelids

Val was looking to freshen her look particularly focusing on her neck and jowls. She didn’t want a general anaesthetic so consulted me about surgery under local anaesthetic. We undertook a face and neck lift, platysmaplasty with jawline and under chin liposuction and upper blepharoplasty

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, platysmaplasty, eyelid surgery

Val did great yesterday, I did quite a lot of work in her neck to really resculpt and define her neckline. She will be a little bruised from this but it should go within a couple of weeks. Already, even at this super early stage she looks fresher and rejuvenated.

One week after surgery

At one week after surgery the only bruising visible can be covered with a scarf. Val’s neck line is restored and her eyes are more open. Her lift will relax a little over the next few weeks as the remaining swelling resolves.
Val sen me the photos below at 10 days after surgery, fully made up. She looks stunning. Perhaps she should do all my photography!


One month after surgery

Val is back to see me at a month. She has healed beautifully, her scars are now flat and contracting and the majority of her swelling has now settled. Usually about 85% of swelling has gone at this stage with the rest over the next 2 months. Val’s neck looks great and with her make up on for accurate comparison she looks years younger. Lovely result for a very lovely lady.

Three months after surgery

My 3 month review is when I really judge the facelift result. Enough time has passed for resolution of swelling and bruising and initial relaxation. Val looks fantastic, fresh, well, like herself - just better! I have injected a little wrinkle reducing injections into her brow depressor muscles to really open up her eyes further and elevate the lateral third of the brow which I think has had a really nice effect. 

One year after surgery

A year after her surgery, Val’s facial rejuvenation is holding firm. Her neck remains smooth and defined and she maintains lovely balance in her face with previous jowl volume in the middle segment. Her skin looks smooth, homogenous and glowing after treatment with the pulsed dye laser and her upper eye makeup really compliments her eyes now it can sit cleanly on her upper eyelids. I have loved looking after Val and will miss her regular visits but all of our patients become friends and most pop in for a cup of tea with Lucy whenever they are in London!

Three years after surgery

How lovely to see Val again after a couple of years as she popped in to see Rebecca. Still looking beautifully rejuvenated, I took the opportunity to capture how she is doing. Apologies for the technical errors - I forgot to ask Val to remove her glasses even though they suit her perfectly. On the lateral view the neck is also a little extended which will flatter any result - I am usually fastidious about head position! Despite this Val’s rejuvenation is lasting beautifully. All faces continue to age after surgery, some more than others and dependent on multiple variables. In general patients over 60 have less skin elasticity and therefore relax quicker but not in Val’s case. It so lovely to see previous patients years down the line.