Sophie, 54

Sophie (54)


Sophie was looking for facial rejuvenation. The natural ageing process had caused her natural slim jawline and defined neckline to become obscured.

After a lot of research she came to me for a consultation and booked a face and neck lift under local anaesthetic, here is her journey.

One Day
After Surgery

Sophie’s surgery went brilliantly, her slim face and naturally attractive bone structure made hers a very nice face to lift.

Poor Sophie though was in a lot of discomfort the morning after, the lift felt very tight. This is really unusual and I suspect it is because Sophie had very little facial fat. When tightening the muscles of the face there is usually a fatty barrier between the SMAS and the skin, Sophie had really very little facial fat to cushion the tightened muscles. A few stronger pain killers and lots of ice and she should be just fine.

One Week
After Surgery

Sophie is back a week after her facelift and looking stunning. That naturally pretty face is now back to where it was!

The mid face has been volumised by returning the descended soft tissue back to where it should be, tightening her jawline and at the same time improving her under eye hollowing. A small bruise on the right cheek should dissolve with a zap of the laser.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

At just under four weeks after surgery, Sophie is looking fantastic.

Scars are a little red but healing well. Her jowls have gone and the neckline on profile view is precise and defined and her under eye hollowing on profile view is much improved even without lower eyelid surgery.

Two Months
After Surgery

Sophie popped into clinic today as she accompanied a friend who I operated on last week.

I don’t usually see my patients routinely at 8 weeks so this was a great opportunity to see how she is getting on. She looks fantastic, refined, proportionate and balanced. Her scars have healed beautifully even at this early stage. Being begged for dates by guys 20 years younger appears to have been a side effect of her transformation!

Three Months
After Surgery

Soph is back at 3 months for review looking absolutely fantastic.

She easily passes for 15 years younger than her actual age and her skin is radiant on skincare. Her lift has now relaxed a little so feels less tight but physically is holding beautifully. Neck and jawlines are perfect and she has attractive volume in the mid face. Her scars have healed beautifully but I want to revise her right ear lobe which has become elongated and is forming a pixie ear. I will wait until the end of the year to do this to give her tissues more time to heal in the meantime.

Eleven Months
After Surgery

Sophie is back for a quick Pixie-plasty. A word I have just made up for repair of her right elongated earlobe.

She looks absolutely fantastic, radiant, proportionate and just beautiful. Soph has a natural pixie ear as seen in her before photos but as she has healed the earlobe has descended to exaggerate this. She want to keep her natural pixie shape so I have reconstructed this today. We will see how it is progressing at her year review.

Four Years
After Surgery

What a lovely surprise seeing Sophie in clinic today four years after her face and neck lift.

Looking incredible and enjoying life, her lift is holding beautifully. She asks me about her next lift – not yet Sophie not yet! There is a good 5 years plus left in this lift and probably more.

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