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Profound Rf (Radio Frequency) Microneedling

At a glance

Appointment Time

1hr - 1.5hrs


Local infiltration with lidocaine injections into the skin.


These will be discussed with you in detail in your consultation


5 -7 days social downtime.

Final Result

Results develop up until 6-9 months post treatment. It takes time for new collagen and elastin to form correctly.

Profound Rf (Radio Frequency) Microneedling
pulsed dye laser treatment

What does it treat?

Profound RF is excellent for facial rejuvenation, jawline and jowl tightening and targeting facial wrinkles.


How does it work?

Profound RF works by creating a controlled injury to the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates a healing response that generates new collagen formation.

pulsed dye laser

Who will perform the treatment?

Your procedure will be expertly performed by Rebecca our certified aesthetic nurse prescriber, with over 18 years experience in facial rejuvenation.who

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost any man or woman interested in reducing skin laxity around the face can be a good candidate for Profound RF treatments. Some of the most common reasons people consider Profound include: sagging jawline, jowls, and deep wrinkles in the lower face.

Most patients feel mild soreness, swelling, numbness and bruising following a Profound FR micro-needling treatment. These side effects are temporary and will resolve within 7-10 days.

These will be discussed with you in your consultation.

These will be discussed with you in your consultation.

The Profound system is the first and only temperate controlled, radiofrequency (RF) micro-needling device with FDA clearance for the face. A non-surgical alternative to address aging skin, the Profound system uses RF energy to provide long-lasting facial wrinkle reduction.

Mid / lower face and the jaw line.

Results develop up until 6-9 months post treatment.

£3,300. Only one treatment required. This includes aftercare and skincare.

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