Before and After Facelift Gallery: Face lift, eye lift, brow lift and neck lift


Some professional associations guide their membership to not publish before and after photographs suggesting that it breaches patient confidentiality and may lead to false expectations.

I do not agree with this. To make an informed decision about a surgeon, I believe a prospective patient must have the option to critically appraise his or her work whilst relaxed and at home, not just in a consultation room when there is time and /or social pressure to make an informed judgement.

I have done my best to show all before and after pictures with exact positioning, backdrop and lighting and used high definition photography with standardised settings.

facial surgeon Dr. Dominic Bray

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In addition to our own prestigious central London Harley Street consulting and treatment rooms, we operate and consult from Azara in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

A truly boutique and exclusive independent hospital nestled in a lovingly converted landmark Victorian Villa that perfectly fuses luxurious furnishing with state of the art clinical facilities ensuring our patients have an exceptional experience.

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