Antoinette, 68

Antoinette (68)

Face Neck lift,  platysmaplasty,  & Lateral browlift

Antoinette came to see me having seen previous transformations and sought my advice about freshening her appearance particularly in the jowls and neck line.

True soft tissue descent over a structurally strong lower facial third made her an excellent candidate for aa deep plane face and neck lift, platysmaplasty and lateral browlift. This is her story.

One Day
After Surgery

Antoinette did brilliantly through surgery yesterday. A simple dissection but oozy! Some faces just do bleed more… Structurally she looks great today but I expect a few bruises in the neck over the neck week or two. I am happy with how her result will be though when all healed

One Week
After Surgery

Back for removal of stitches and Antoinette is bruised! Despite this and the expected swelling she is on track for a remarkable rejuvenation. Still numb around the ears and in front of them, feeling will return as the weeks progress. I have lasered her bruising today to speed things along.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

A few weeks is a long time in facelift recovery. Antoinette came back today looking much better. Her new facial contours are apparent, she looks fresher and those jowls are a thing of the past. With her previous bruising she still has a little discolouration under the skin flaps which will subside over the coming months and is very easily covered.

Three Months
After Surgery

12 weeks out from surgery and what a beautiful result. Antoinette looks fresh, well contoured and a better version of her former self. Incisions have healed beautifully and the discolouration is fading nicely now. She looks beautiful and her new face really suits her. It has been a pleasure looking after her.

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