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Skin Boosters

At a glance

Appointment Time



None or topical if requested


Pregnancy and breastfeeding, autoimmune conditions, active local skin infection.


None. Some bruising can be expected.

Final Result

1 week

Brands Used

Profhilo, Redensity 1, Xela rederm, Viscoderm hydrobooster, and PhilArt - Polynucleotides

Skin Boosters
pulsed dye laser treatment

What does it treat?

Skin quality. Hydration fine lines, texture and volume.


How does it work?

Consider this Injectable skincare. Hyaluronic acid injected into the skin will treat skin more deeply than topical creams and ointments. Skin will feel more hydrated and look more vital.

pulsed dye laser

Who will perform the treatment?

Our policy is that if you can’t prescribe it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Our injectables are expertly performed by Rebecca a certified aesthetic nurse prescriber with over 15 years Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Injectable hyaluronic acid similar to dermal fillers but much finer in consistency so it can be injected more superficially in the skin to provide global hydration. We use different products for different areas of the face neck and décolletage and for different indications.

Skin will be a little red and swollen for 24 hours. Some bruising can occur. Make up can be applied the following day.

Face, neck and décolletage, upper arms, hands.

Do not touch the treated areas post procedure. Makeup can be worn the next day. Sunblock essential.

2 to 3 treatments are recommended. Results will up to 6 months. 3 monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.

Results will build and improve over multiple treatments.

Its advisable to plan any injectable treatments around your work and social commitments to allow time for recovery. It is helpful to come for your appointment with little or no make up to reduce the risk of infection.

From £350 per treatment. Two to three treatments required to achieve results.

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