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Line Relaxing Injections

At a glance

Appointment Time

20 minutes




Pregnancy, breast feeding, MS, Myasthenia Gravis



Final Result

10-14 days

Brands Used

Botox, Dysport

Line Relaxing Injections

What does it treat?

Fine lines and wrinkles formed by repeated muscle action – frown lines, crows feet, worry lines. Facial muscular asymmetry for aesthetic and functional improvement.

Line Relaxing Injections - How does it work?

How does it work?

With expert injection of botulinum toxin in to specific muscle groups, communication between the nerve and the muscle is temporarily blocked.

The muscle relaxes and the dynamic lines created by its usual tone soften. As the effect wears off, communication opens and normal movement is restored.

Line Relaxing Injections - Who will perform the treatment?

Who will perform the treatment?

Our policy is that if you can’t prescribe it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Alongside Dominic, our injectables are expertly performed by Rebecca a certified aesthetic nurse prescriber with over 15 years experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Botulinum Toxin is a protein derived from a bacteria in a laboratory. The resulting drug preparation is branded by the pharmaceutical company individually – Botox (R) Allergan, Dysport (R), Ipsen.

If you are older than 18 and in general good health you are a potential candidate for treatment. Suitability is only confirmed after a comprehensive consultation, examination and medical history with Rebecca.

Initial changes begin at 3 days and it can take up to 2 weeks for the desired result to become apparent.

After treatment you can continue your normal social and professional life immediately. Avoid facials or massage for 24 hours after treatment and alcohol should be drunk in moderation.

Results can vary between patients and between treatments but on average patients see beneficial effects of treatment for 3 months. A repeat treatment at that stage maintains the benefit.

Most side effects (headache, swelling) are mild and transient, Even though we use the smallest needles on the market, with any skin puncture small bruises can occur which are easily concealed.

It is advisable to plan any injectable treatment around your social calendar as bruising and swelling can occur. Different rates of binding in distinct muscle groups can lead to transient asymmetries before full effect is achieved. We prefer our patients to arrive with little or no make up to reduce the risk of infection.

Prices start from £250 but cost is dependent on the number of areas treated and the muscle bulk requiring treatment.

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