Theresa, 57

Theresa (57)


Theresa is a lovely lady who sought my advice about freshening up a previous MACS lift she had had done previously.

I felt her rejuvenation was one of proportion rather than tightening which is something I see a lot in secondary surgery. A tight face is not necessarily a beautiful face. Her previous lift hadn’t addressed the midline neck so we undertook a face and neck lift and platysmaplasty. This is her journey.

One Day
After Surgery

Theresa did great yesterday, for some reason, why I have absolutely no idea, a risk factor for haematoma in my hands is Scottish ladies.

Usually blood pressure related, but my incidence goes from 2% generally to about 30% in Scots! I always warn Scottish patients at consult about this and if anyone reading knows why I would love to know! I digress, Theresa’s facial proportions, albeit swollen are looking brilliant. Let’s see her in a week.

One Week
After Surgery

Just a week later, Theresa is back for removal of her stitches.

A little swelling to subside and most of hr bruising is now down in the neck and fading. Theresa’s smile is a little wonky in the left upper lip due to swelling and will recover in the coming weeks.

Four Months
After Surgery

Theresa is back to see me a little later than usual. She looks absolutely stunning. Well healed now and her smile is completely back to normal.

An attractive silhouette on three quarter view has rebalanced her facial proportions nicely whilst her mid line neck skin excess has contracted up with her platysmaplasty. A lovely result for a lovely lady.

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