Chris, 51

Chris (51)

Face Neck Lift,  platysmaplasty,  & Lateral browlift

Chris found me on recommendation and sought my advice about freshening his appearance.

Such a nice guy, he felt his facial ageing didn’t compliment his professional and personal life. We discussed the intricacies and subtle differences in male facelifts and decided to perform a deep plane face and neck lift, platysmaplasty and lateral browlift. This is Chris’ journey.

One Day
After Surgery

Male facelifting is physically (not technically) harder. Men have strong ligaments attaching the skin to the underly musculature and excellent blood supply to bearded facial skin. Whilst the surgery is harder, men tend to heal very well and very quickly. Chris should be no different. Just a few hours after surgery we can already see the contour change and proportion shift that has been achieved. A few days with Netflix and and ice pack and he should be well on the way.

One Week
After Surgery

A week out and Chris is doing really well. Stitched are removed and the last of his bruising is fading. Swelling will continue to go down over the next week after which he should be fine to return to work. His incisions will be a little red for a few more weeks but they are healing perfectly.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

Chris is back for review and looking great. Well healed now he can have a little beard electrolysis to reconstitute the hair free are behind the side burn. Incisions are continuing to heal well and should be very hard to see at next review.

Three Months
After Surgery

Wow! Chris is back and looks amazing. Happy, confident and totally natural. This face suits Chris so much better. A beautifully defined jawline and neck line and fullness in the midface – he is looking sharp and confident. It has been a genuine pleasure looking after Chris and I am honoured he trusted me with his face.

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