Carol, 55

Carol (55)

Face Neck lift,  platysmaplasty,  & lateral browlift

Carol was referred to me by a colleague in the aesthetic industry.

Having previously undergone facial fillers which were dissolved, she developed a reaction which led to scarring and depression of the left nasolabial fold. The depression was tethered to deeper structures by ligaments and I suggested we divide these as part of a deep plane facelift. This is Carol’s journey.

One Day
After Surgery

Yesterday was a breeze for Carol and for me!

As expected, there was a little scarring deep in the nasolabial fold but once released everything lifted and smoothed perfectly. Today Carol is feeling great, looking great and we are both looking forward to her final result

One Week
After Surgery

Just a week after surgery Carol is already looking like surgery was a distant memory.

She is a really quick healer and swelling and bruising is minimal. Stitches out today and the last of the swelling will settle over the next week I suspect.

Three Weeks
After Surgery

Only 3 weeks out, and I am reviewing Carol today before the summer break.

She looks fantastic and is still healing far quicker than most. Incisions are healing beautifully and her naso-labial depression has come out nicely, it might need a little additional volume at next review but she is settling into a beautifully natural and proportionate result.

Three Months
After Surgery

Now three months from deep plane facelift surgery and Carol looks fantastic.

The lift has help to efface the depression in her fold and a little layered filler injection should complete her treatment program. She looks beautiful and natural. I love her neck and jawline contour!

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