Wendy, 56

Wendy (56)

Face Neck lift,  Platysmaplasty,  Lateral browlift,  & perioral CO2 laser

Wendy came to see me on recommendation. She wanted to improve the quality of her lower facial third skin and restore her jaw and neck line.

She had significant skin excess so with the vertical vector or my facelifts she also needed her lateral brow elevating a little too. This is her journey.

One Day
After Surgery

Surgery went just fine yesterday.

I went a little lighter on Wendy’s perioral CO2 laser at her request so her crusting which is just starting to materialise should only last few days. The shape already achieved is phenomenal and I am really looking forward to seeing her final result.

One Week
After Surgery

A week out, Wendy is back for review.

The laser has already crusted and peeled leaving fresher skin. As the swelling subsides I expect the lip wrinkles to return a little as I only performed a medium depth resurface. Wendy’s jaw and neck lines are looking much more contoured even at this early stage.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

What a gorgeous result! Such a pleasure to see Wendy again today.

Healing quicker than most she has very little swelling remaining. Her mid face is beautifully volumised with her lift and her face and neck are proportionate and pleasing. Really looking forward to her finished result at three months

Three months
After Surgery

Totally healed now, Wendy has forgotten she has had surgery.

It really does take some weeks for feeling to return and daily fluctuations in swelling to settle. Her incisions are really hard to see even under close up photography and bright lighting. She is going to have a little filler in her lip lines as planned over the coming weeks.

Nine Months
After Surgery

Wendy attended clinic today and I took the opportunity to capture her. She looks absolutely fantastic and a natural more beautiful version of herself.

Her lip lines have returned a little and she would benefit form another round of deeper C02 laser resurfacing so we plan to do this in the near future. I am so pleased for her for her beautiful result, she absolutely deserves it!

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