Dee, 57

Dee (57)


Dee sought my advice about rejuvenating her lower facial third and neck.

Soft tissue descent in her middle facial third had caused jowls and secondary neck skin laxity. The midline platysma muscle was split and she had an accumulation of some fat under the chin. We performed a face and neck lift, liposuction and platysmaplasty. I also rejuvenated the upper third with a lateral temporal brow lift and upper blepharoplasty. This is her journey

One Day
After Surgery

Dee’s surgery went brilliantly. The morning after she is a little swollen as expected but her new facial contour is already visible.

Her neckline has come up beautifully and her naturally beautiful blue eyes are going to be nicely framed when healed. A week or so of ice packs and rest however in the meantime.

Five Days
After Surgery

I always feel a bit cruel bringing facelift patients back to London on day 5 for removal of eyelid stitches when I know they would much rather be snuggled up at home! I

t does make a difference to upper eyelid healing though so is well worth the added visit. Dee is doing just great. Bruising has now come out as her swelling is starting to reduce. She has the makings of a lovely result appearing. Look forward to seeing her again in a couple of days.

One Week
After Surgery

Just 2 days later and poor Dee is back up to London for removal of her facial stitches.

Swelling continues to subside and her upper eyelids are healing really nicely. As her swelling subsides, Dee might notice a bogginess under her chin as the fluid descends to pool in the area for a few days. It will settle within a week. I have attached a close up view of her incisions so we can see how they heal over time.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

Dee is back for review at a month and looks just beautiful.She literally sparkles! Her lovely blue eyes are now visible again framed but her upper blepharoplasty.

The neck that bothered her most is nicely defined and the volume in her mid face brings a youthful softness back. Incisions are healing really nicely, she is going to have the most lovely result.

Nine Weeks
After Surgery

You know sometimes photos don’t do justice to quite how good a person looks! Dee popped back to clinic today as she had a dissolvable stitch in the hairline that just wouldn’t dissolve, after removing it I took these photos.

Dee’s new hairstyle and colour perfectly fits her new facial proportion and is the perfect deflection for comments of “you’re looking well”! Her skin tone and complexion is transformed and her scars are well on their way to healing now.

Four Months
After Surgery

Dee is back at 4 months looking fantastic.

Scars are now imperceptible and her neck and jawlines beautifully rejuvenated. What a lovely result.

Ten Months
After Surgery

10 months after her surgery Dee still looks absolutely fantastic. Everything is holding nicely and her proportions are naturally beautiful.

Unfortunately the platysma repair under the chin has failed and a midline muscle band has recurred. This can happen in surgery – what can look like a perfect repair can recur down the line. The perils of operating on living tissue! I plan to revise this in a simple procedure shortly for her.

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