Michelle, 53

Michelle (53)


Michelle was referred by a colleague in the aesthetics industry who had done a wonderful job maintaining her good looks with non surgical treatments.

The time came that Michelle wanted to improve her neck and jawline and consulted me about facelifting. She has naturally great facial bone structure and my job was to reposition her facial soft tissues to begin this out. We undertook a full face and neck lift, platysmaplasty, sub mental and jawline liposuction and a lateral brow lift under local anaesthetic and sedation.

One Day
After Surgery

The morning after surgery and Michelle is doing well. Usually this is the calm before the storm, swelling and tightness is worst around day 2-3 after facelifting but nothing that paracetamol, ice and a duvet doesn’t fix!

We can already see the improvement in Michelle’s jaw and neck lines, beautiful curvature to her mid face and a more pleasing eye brow curve. Looking forward to following her progress over the next few weeks.

One Week
After Surgery

Michelle came back for removal of her sutures today. She looks stunning.

A few days of holing up at home with icepacks and most of the bruising is now on its way out. Everything is healing really well and we can see how her face shape has been restored to her original defined good looks. Her neck line and jawline is attractive and her brow position really rejuvenates her eyes.

One Month
After Surgery

Here is Michelle four weeks out from surgery. All her bruising and swelling has gone and she has her swagger back! She looks gorgeous and more importantly visible and confident again. I am so pleased for her as she is a lovely woman.

The neck and jowl that bothered her is a distant memory replaced by a smooth jawline and pleasing profile. Her brows sweep gently upward in their lateral third really opening her upper eyes.

Three Months
After Surgery

Michelle looks fantastic at 12 weeks from her surgery. Her facial shape is beautifully sculpted, feminine and defined. Her eyes are fresher and more open from her lateral temporal brow lift and her skin is glowing on skincare.

She looks wonderful, her face now matches her youthful and infectious persona. So delighted for her.

Two Years
After Surgery

Nearly 2 years out, Michelle attended clinic today for laser resurfacing of her lower eyelid skin. A great opportunity to see how she is getting on nearly 2 years after her initial surgery.

Her new shorter cropped hairstyle beautifully compliments her continued defined jaw and neck line and the lateral brow lift continues to define her upper eyes really nicely.

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