Susan, 65

Susan (65)


Susan achieved huge weight loss in the few years before consulting me and sought my advice about removing the excess skin that remained.

I was candid with her that this would be a big procedure and need a longer recovery than most, but committed to making a change Susan chose to undergo my suggestions of a Face and neck lift with platymaplasty, lateral brow lift and upper eyelid surgery. This is her story.

One Day
After Surgery

This really was big surgery with a large skin flap to the collar bones, significant sculpture of underlying fat and tightening of loose muscle.

Susan is doing really well for the morning after, she will be pretty swollen and bruised for the next couple of weeks but has the early markings of an exceptional result. Looking forward to seeing her progress.

One Week
After Surgery

That was a long week for Susan but she did it! At this stage I am focussing on shape rather than colours and her result looks to be settling in to a lovely rejuvenated result.

There is some significant bruising around the mouth, not everybody has this but where I have to release ligaments around the jowl to get the best lift possible it can happen. Another week and they will be barely noticeable. As the swelling goes down I expect a lovely new jawline to appear.

Four Weeks
After Surgery

At 4 weeks out Susan is back and WOW!! I am almost speechless, a really really lovely result.

Her new face fits her perfectly, the loose skin which remained from her weight loss is tailored to fit a beautifully sculpted neck and jawline. The eyes are subtly defined and everything is healing just fine. Here incisions are expectedly red at this stage of healing but all is going to plan. She will lose another 15% of swelling or so in the coming weeks but really looking forward to seeing her result at 3 months.

Three Months
After Surgery

Susan is back for her final scheduled review and looks just brilliant.

Her result has refined and contracted into the most beautiful shape. The excess skin laxity and jowls that led her to seek my help are long gone and what is left is a beautifully defined neck and jawline, I am proud of her result and delighted for her.

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