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Chin Augmentation London

Chin augmentation is available in London through Dominic Bray, a leading cosmetic surgeon who specialises in facial procedures.

While there are of course a number of excellent surgeons in London, most working from Harley Street, it is worth noting that Dominic Bray is a true specialist rather than being an allrounder. He performs nothing but procedures relating to the face and neck and so is a true expert in these enhancements.

Neck chin angle

For those seeking chin augmentation, Dominic Bray offers the highest level of experience and, as shown through impartial reviews and before and after images, produces unmatched results.

In this page, we will provide key information about chin augmentation and then also talk a little about Dominic Bray and why he stands apart from other options in London.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a highly focussed element of facial aesthetics, it improves the chin, for instance for those who have a weak or recessed chin.

For some, this will be a genetic issue that has always been apparent, while others might find that the onset of ageing leads to an unwelcome change to the chin.

Ultimately, the cause may not be of prime concern to the prospective patient, what matters more is that multiple techniques and procedures exist that can create a profound difference to this area of the face.

Chin Augmentation Options

A number of different techniques lie at Dominic Bray’s disposal, but in truth that is to jump forward a stage.

The first step is always a thorough and detailed consultation, this is your chance to talk and for Dominic to listen, only after this suggesting a plan of best action.

At this consultation, your full medical history would be analysed, so too images of your face; it is often the case that these high-quality images showcase shadow and light that would not be immediately obvious to the naked eye.

The purpose of this consultation is to talk through the best option and the overall change sought; this may be solely to the chin, or it may be that the chin has to be addressed alongside other parts of the face so as to ensure the overall look is as required.

The aim for any leading surgeon is to create results that have a profound impact and yet look wholly natural, making sure you look the best version of yourself, but without the obvious look of ‘work having been done’.

If treatment is deemed the best option, implants are a common choice; implants for the chin are the only facial implant Dominic Bray uses as, unlike cheek implants for instance, they create results that look natural and create the change sought.

Fillers may be an option too, though these are more typically used in the cheek and other parts of the face. Fat transfer, now a far more reliable process than was once the case, would be an option for some; taking fat from one area of the body to use elsewhere to refine appearance.

To complete the improved chin appearance, it may be that micro liposuction is required underneath the chin, this would remove pockets of fat that are almost impossible to remove via exercise and diet alone.

We are always at pains to point out that you as the prospective patient do not need to be an expert on all the many different forms of treatment, the many varied procedures.

Instead, the requirement is simply to book in for a consultation and then have an open and honest conversation with Dominic so that he can recommend the best course of action to deliver the results you seek.

Chin Augmentation Key Information

With the nature of surgery varying by the patient, it is impossible to give 100% specific information. However, a typical outline would be:

Anaesthetic: local

Length of stay in hospital: Typically this is performed as a day case

Return to work: Within two weeks – but often sooner. If only fillers are used, there is no downtime

Return to full exercise: Within four weeks

Fully healed result: Inside 12 weeks.

The above details provide a very broad outline and may not apply to the specific procedure or treatment recommended in your case. Full details of every aspect would be provided at consultation.

Results from Chin Augmentation

This is the key part – what level of result can be achieved?

Rather than spending hundreds of words describing results, we would prefer to link to our gallery of before and after images. These are all fair images, taken under the same lighting condition, the patient using the same facial expression and the after images not enhanced through make-up.

In the gallery, you can filter to see patients similar to your own requirements, for instance, people of a similar age who also sought chin augmentation.

Browse our gallery

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

While there is an obvious physical, aesthetic improvement it should not be thought that this is the only benefit.

We all have a desire to look our best and any concerns about facial appearance can weigh heavily on our mind. This is often especially true as we age, the signs of ageing can lead to reduced confidence and self esteem and this then impinges on all areas of life.

The change to mental health, confidence and self-esteem can be the most wonderful improvement to behold. It is an honour to see patients who are a more confident version of themselves post surgery.

As with so many procedures, chin augmentation removes a cause for concern, it enables people to live their best life, feeling newly happy about their appearance. The impact can be transformational on work, friendships, relationships and all aspects of life.

How Dominic Bray Differs

There are many plastic surgeons so why consider Dominic Bray?

His results are stunning, as you can see from the before and after image gallery.

These results are achieved because Dominic specialises, whereas many cosmetic surgeons are allrounders and perform a huge range of procedures on all parts of the body, he has chosen to specialise and dedicate himself to facial and neck surgery.

As a result, everything he does is geared towards procedures such as neck lifts, from his skills, through to the team he works with and even the facility whereby you would undergo surgery .

Patients benefit from a private, dedicated hospital set up by Dominic rather than leased space in a large private hospital.

– Dominic’s CV is stunning and you can read more about him on this site through a detailed resume and also information on his ethos. A few key points are listed below

–   Dominic has stunning, independent reviews. Please take the time to read testimonials – and do this for any surgeon you may consider. He has more than 200 independent, verified reviews and almost without exception these are for 5 stars.

–   Dominic was the first UK surgeon to be invited to sit on an expert panel to discuss management of facelift complications at the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery annual meeting.

–   A significant proportion of his work is with patients referred for revision surgery – improving the flawed work of other surgeons.

–   His qualifications, training, prizes, memberships and publications stand comparison with any. You can see full details on the About Page.

–   Dominic has undertaken specialist higher training in Otolaryngology – face and neck surgery. There are many cosmetic surgeons who perform neck lifts as part of what they offer – for Dominic this is his specialism.

Please take the time to get a sense for Dominic and his ethos. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 0203 417 9980 or use the Contact Form. 

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