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How to get rid of jowls with surgery

Sagging jowls are often one of the most visible, and potentially distressing signs of ageing.

In fact, they are so common an issue that numerous different approaches to getting rid of them have emerged.

Face & Neck Lift

There are those who suggest a cream might be best (it won’t be), others create videos highlighting the benefits of strange exercises designed to tighten the muscles. These have no real impact.

Still more push non invasive procedures such as laser, radiotherapy and ultracel. These may have some impact, certainly more than a cream, but they are also merely a short-term fix. You will be returning to the clinic just a few months later for a follow-up. And then a few months after that…

In reality, often the only way to truly address jowls is through cosmetic surgery – otherwise they are just something to be lived with.

Why Jowls Emerge

Jowls is a term used to describe the skin below the chin and jawline. It refers to skin that has become loose, losing elasticity and becoming ‘baggy’ or appearing to sag.

This appearance of sagging is a natural process of ageing and the severity will vary by person through a mixture of genetics and lifestyle. 

Other factors, such as relatively sudden weight loss can also lead to sagging skin. Exposure to the sun can be a factor, so too the amount of alcohol we consume, or whether we are smokers.

Key to the emergence of jowls is a depletion of collagen and elastin – these are both created naturally in the body, but in ever diminishing quantities as we age.

Ultimately, though, perhaps it doesn’t matter too much why the jowls have emerged, the question is how to treat them.

Non Invasive Ways to Get Rid of Jowls

There are non invasive treatment options that claim to treat jowls, but issues exist.

We will quickly pass over creams because while these may contain tiny amounts of collagen, this will not be close to enough to make a visible difference to significantly sagging skin. The best uses for creams, however expensive or fancy, is to help slow further signs of ageing, they are not a treatment of themselves.

Clinics offer a range of treatments such as laser, ultrasound technology and then also dermal fillers.

The aim with these is to heat deep layers of the skin and encourage new collagen and elastin creation, this then retightening the skin and so addressing the jowls this way. Fillers are a little different as they inject directly into the skin, and so are a minimally invasive treatment.

These approaches do have some success in tightening the skin but it is very short term. 

There may be renewed collagen creation for a few months, but then what happens?

The answer is the skin sags back to where it was and further treatment is required. This then starts a never-ending cycle whereby treatment is needed every few months.

There is also a danger with non-invasive procedures that a person’s appearance seems to be in near-constant flux. There is the impact of treatment, which fades and then, a few months later a further treatment is carried out. 

Surgery To Get Rid of Jowls

A neck lift procedure by an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specialises in the face and neck region can reduce jowls to the extent that the patient appears many years younger.

The results also last – with facial and neck procedures a person will typically look seven to 10 years younger and they then stay looking younger. It is as if they still age – and so their appearance is natural – but the impact of ageing has been set back by a lengthy period.

A Detailed Consultation

Any cosmetic procedure will always start a stage earlier with a detailed consultation.

This consultation is key, it is the opportunity for the prospective patient to outline their hopes for the procedure and their concerns. It is for the patient to talk and surgeon to listen.

At his consultations, Dominic Bray looks to understand why the patient has come to consider surgery. Most are motivated by far more than just vanity, instead the signs of ageing can impact confidence and self-esteem, the impact can cross over into so much of our work and personal life.

It is also a big step to consider surgery and so the consultation should be completely without pressure – many may decide that actually surgery is not for them at this stage, the surgeon will often also suggest that it is too early for a full procedure. 

Photos will be used to see how the patient has aged to this stage. There will also be 3D baseline photos taken to really understand the results possible – not as a generic concept, but for you as an individual.

Neck Lift Treatment Options

The precise nature of surgery for a neck lift would be outlined at the detailed consultation. 

Treating jowls is likely to be as part of a neck lift, this a procedure to address loose skin in this area, tighten it and then leave any small scars from the healing of stitches in a discreet location.

It is impossible to provide a generic description of the procedure as it will vary by patient. This is especially true of an expert such as Dominic Bray, who focusses only on facial and neck procedures. This means he has a range of techniques available, ensuring the best results for every patient.

What can be said is that saggy skin will be removed, the effect of the plastic surgery is to tighten the skin, remove the excess skin and create a more youthful appearance.

Deep Plane FaceLift and Mini Facelift

Many, in seeking to get rid of jowls in a neck lift, also consider the benefits of a fuller facelift – whether this is a deep plane facelift or a mini facelift.

The two can, of course, be completely separate and there is certainly no need to have both together. 

A surgeon will also not push for you to have additional operations as you look for long-lasting anti-ageing benefits.

However, some wish to tackle multiple signs of ageing. It may be that the signs of jowls is just one concern, this coupled perhaps with visible lines on the face and sagging skin.

Plastic surgery can address multiple issues all at once, whether it is addressing sun damage, signs of ageing or other cause.

Again, at the risk of repeating ourselves, the consultation is key. It is essential for the prospective patient to outline all their concerns and what they want addressing through procedures.

The patient does not need to be an expert in techniques or know the scientific terms, instead they just need to be open and honest about hopes and also concerns. The surgeon can then detail what they see as the best course of action.

Addressing multiple signs of ageing across the neck, lower face and eyes and forehead regions can make a profound difference both to appearance but also confidence and sense of happiness and self esteem.

It is true to say that we all like to look at our best – a great version of ourselves, but without the obvious look of work having been done.

Recovery Time From Jowls Procedures

One huge benefit of choosing Dominic Bray over other experts is that recovery times are significantly reduced when addressing the appearance of jowls.

How can this be so?

The answer lies in his techniques and ethos. 

Most surgeons use general anaesthetic and hospital settings that, while professional, may not be as relaxing as they could be.

Mr Bray has looked to address both of these. He has created a private hospital with remarkable attention to detail, an environment that is truly like a relaxing, luxurious hotel. 

The treatment is akin to heading to an Italian spa.

He also favours using local anaesthetic – the patient is still completely comfortable and relaxed, it does not make surgery any more stressful, but the recovery is far quicker.

The difference is truly remarkable. Mr Bray’s methods make procedures true walk in, walkout affairs. After surgery, the patient can walk back to their luxurious room and relax and begin to recover, sugary drink in hand. This is very different from the awful feeling of emerging from a general anaesthetic.

There is then no significant downtime post surgery. Yes, there is a need to take it a little easy and the face and neck may be swollen and feel tight, but there are not the restrictions you might expect with many techniques.

Full recovery details would be provided in consultation and on the day, whilst there are also follow-up appointments.

Mr Bray, as with all leading surgeons, would also be available to answer any follow-up questions and concerns.

Post Surgery Risks

No surgery is without risk, but beyond swelling and some initial pain, a surgery to treat jowls is safe in the vast majority of cases.

Mr Bray ensures patients are fully informed as to any risks and their prevalence.

How Dominic Bray Differs

There are many plastic surgeons who can offer treatments to prevent jowls in London so why consider Dominic Bray?

His results are stunning, as you can see from the before and after image gallery.

These results are achieved because Dominic specialises, whereas many cosmetic surgeons are allrounders and perform a huge range of procedures on all parts of the body, he has chosen to specialise and dedicate himself to facial and neck surgery.

As a result, everything he does is geared towards procedures such as reducing the appearance of jowls, from his skills, through to the team he works with and even the facility whereby you would undergo surgery .

Patients benefit from a private, dedicated hospital set up by Dominic rather than leased space in a large private hospital.

– Dominic’s CV is stunning and you can read more about him on this site through a detailed resume and also information on his ethos. A few key points are listed below

–   Dominic has stunning, independent reviews. Please take the time to read testimonials – and do this for any surgeon you may consider. He has more than 200 independent, verified reviews and almost without exception these are for 5 stars.

–   Dominic was the first UK surgeon to be invited to sit on an expert panel to discuss management of facelift complications at the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery annual meeting.

–   A significant proportion of his work is with patients referred for revision surgery – improving the flawed work of other surgeons.

–   His qualifications, training, prizes, memberships and publications stand comparison with any. You can see full details on the About Page.

–   Dominic has undertaken specialist higher training in Otolaryngology – face and neck surgery. There are many cosmetic surgeons who perform neck lifts as part of what they offer – for Dominic this is his specialism.

Please take the time to get a sense for Dominic and his ethos. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 0203 417 9980 or use the Contact Form. 

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