Sue 65: Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift, Liposuction

Sue 65 years old: Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift, Liposuction

Sue came to see me after a traumatic time nursing her husband. She had noticed that the stress and weight loss had taken its toll on her face.
She had significant loss of mid facial volume, infraorbital hollowing and a heavy lower facial third. Her mid-facial bone structure had become visible and her brow skin was lax. Her mid facial descent had also caused secondary laxity of her neck. As an asthmatic, Sue had been told by several other plastic surgeons that she was unfit for any facelifting surgery. I disagreed! Sue was not fit for a general anaesthetic but was perfectly fit for a facelift and necklift, browlift, platysmaplasty (midline neck tuck) and jaw, jowl and chin liposuction which I performed under local anaesthetic and mild sedation.

Morning after facelift surgery

The day after her facelift surgery and Sue had quite a lot of bruising due to very fragile skin and significant liposuction. I show immediate postop photos as I do not believe the traditional before and 3 month after shots that are the norm and convey the real recovery process. I like my patients to be fully informed!

Week four after facelift surgery

Sue 28 days after surgery. Note the incisions are almost imperceptible and the bruising from liposuction has gone. Her midline neck will be liposuctioned and lifted under local anaesthetic alone as a secondary procedure shortly to limit her operating time for a single procedure

Five months after facelift surgery

After 5 months Sue looks radiant, she has undergone 3 treatments of Fraxel laser to finish off her rejuvenation program and looks phenomenal. Scars are imperceptible to the naked eye; She looks vibrant, refreshed and happy. To think every clinic she had previously consulted had said she wasn't fit for a facelift!!