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Facial Fat Grafting London

Facial fat grafting procedures are available in London through Dominic Bray, a plastic surgeon with a stunning reputation and who specialises purely in treatments for the face and neck.

Fat grafting for the face, when done with skill and care, can create facial contouring that has a truly profound impact. The process can alleviate signs of ageing and add volume to areas where it is lacking.

The fat grafting is as suitable for changes brought about through ageing as it is for tackling genetic concerns.

The grafting of fat can also be combined with other procedures, and also minimally invasive treatments to tackle many signs of ageing and make a huge difference both to appearance and also the patient’s mental health.

An aim is to make any patient look the best they can, but still natural and themselves – Dominic Bray ensures your natural beauty shines through, leaving you looking more youthful and energised.

In this page, we will provide some key information relating to fat grafting and also answer some of the common queries.

We will also talk a little about Dominic Bray – a surgeon considered by many to be the finest in both London and the UK for facial procedures.

Fat Grafting Suitability

Suitability is ascertained by Dominic Bray through detailed consultations, at these you will talk and he will listen.

We will listen to what you are hoping to achieve and your areas of concern. The aim is not to match you to fat grafting, or any other procedure, but instead to listen to your aims and then recommend the best course of action.

As the patient, you do not need to be an expert in fat grafting, or any other procedure, instead you simply need to be open and honest about what you hope to change through treatment.

A patient’s complete medical history would be factored in and any procedure or surgery only ever considered when it is truly in a person’s best interests.

Benefits of Fat Grafting

Grafting fat from the body to be used in the face, or elsewhere has been used as a procedure for decades. It is, for instance, used in the ‘Mummy Makeover’ whereby fat is grafted from the abdomen to use in breast enhancement.

Initially, fat grafting for the face was solely used for the lips and nasolabial folds (the nose to mouth lines), but nowadays it is also commonly used in the cheeks, temples, orbits and brow.

The level of change sought can be created through this procedure, the fat carefully grafted and then inserted through careful injections.

Current techniques mean that fat grafting makes change that lasts. The survival of fat is now far more certain than was formerly the case, this because of the methods that graft the fat and then transplant it as microdroplets.

The obvious benefit is to appearance. It treats areas that may be concerning to the patient whether this is on its own as a procedure or in league with others.

However, the process can also do so much to boost confidence and self-esteem.

This is often the bigger benefit and is truly wonderful to see. The patient, who may have lacked confidence and been diminished, this impacting all areas of life, is now revived. They portray the best version of themselves and this can positively impact work, relationships and all aspects of life.

Results from Fat Transfer to Face

We believe it is far more useful to show the change through fair before and after images than to waste hundreds of words,

On site, we have a thorough before and after gallery, here you can filter to see patients by the treatment they had and also their sex and age.

Before and After Images.

Results from fat grafting for face are permanent in that the impact will carry on, but ageing will still occur from this new benchmark.

Fat Transfer Procedure

All facial contouring procedures are performed as day cases under local anaesthetic at our CQC registered independent hospital Azora.

Dominic Bray’s approaches reduce recovery time, both in the short term and then longer – post-surgery, you can literally walk to the recovery room, with none of the awful grogginess of coming round from general anaesthetic.

Recovery from Fat Transfer

Fat transfer will cause some swelling to the face, this will last a few days but is rarely painful.

Recovery typically only takes a couple of weeks, after which you can return to work and much of your usual schedule.

Pain can be managed through standard painkillers while ice packs can help mitigate any swelling.

Dominic Bray remains in constant contact with his patients and checks on their progress at every stage, as well as holding regular follow-up appointments, either in person or remotely as preferred.

How Dominic Bray Differs

There are many cosmetic surgeons who can offer blepharoplasty surgery in London so why consider Dominic?

His results are stunning, as you can see from the before and after image gallery.

These results are achieved because Dominic specialises, whereas many cosmetic surgeons are allrounders and perform a huge range of procedures on all parts of the body, he has chosen to specialise and dedicate himself to facial and neck surgery.

As a result, everything he does is geared towards procedures such as eyelid surgery, from his skills, through to the team he works with and even the facility whereby you would undergo surgery

– a private, dedicated hospital set up by Dominic rather than leased space in a large private hospital.

Dominic’s CV is stunning and you can read more about him on this site through a detailed resume and also information on his ethos. A few key points are listed below.


–   Dominic has stunning, independent reviews. Please take the time to read testimonials – and do this for any surgeon you may consider. He has more than 200 independent, verified reviews and almost without exception these are for 5 stars.


–   Dominic was the first UK surgeon to be invited to sit on an expert panel to discuss management of facelift complications at the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery annual meeting.


–   A significant proportion of his work is with patients referred for revision surgery – improving the flawed work of other surgeons.


–   His qualifications, training, prizes, memberships and publications stand comparison with any. You can see full details on the About Page.


–   Dominic has undertaken specialist higher training in Otolaryngology – face and neck surgery. There are many cosmetic surgeons who perform neck lifts as part of what they offer – for Dominic this is his specialism.



Please take the time to get a sense for Dominic and his ethos. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Call us on 0203 417 9980 or use the Contact Form.

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