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Facelift Testimonials


  • Jan

    I would recommend PHI and Dominic Bray to anyone contemplating surgery. If the reaction I have had from people is anything to go by he has done an excellent Job . Now I can look younger as well as feel young and can happily pose for my forthcoming wedding photos with confidence. Thank you so much Dominic. You are a magnificent surgeon with a wonderful warm and caring nature. Thank you PHI staff for all your caring.

  • Heidi

    Dominic was charming, professional, knowledgable, reassuring and friendly. I trusted him implicitly and felt he understood my face and how I wanted to look.

  • Shirley

    When you meet someone special, who gives you undivided attention, who listens to you and understands your need, it is a day to celebrate. It is easy to use many superlatives about Dominic Bray and it goes without saying that this man demonstrates his artistry and skill with all his clients. Significantly, the most important thing for me is that he is a principled and decent human being who genuinely cares for all his clients and gives them the benefit of his knowledge and advice in a way that recognises and appreciates individuality. One face does not fit all, we are all unique and it is this uniqueness that Dominic captures and works with for the benefit of the individual. There is no question he will not answer honestly and professionally, he is readily available and responsive before, during and after surgery so the follow up and aftercare is second to none and you just know that you are in safe hands. Dominic is constantly seeking the best possible experience for his clients and I can say with 100% certainty that I received the best possible care and the best possible outcome, that I would recommend to anyone in the world.

  • Christine

    Dominic Bray not only performed the procedure, he consulted with me, made recommendations, gave advice, performed my check-ups and aftercare, removed my stitches and contacted me personally to check on my recovery. Dominic is down to earth and speaks a language you understand. He is completely human and understanding.

  • happy-patients-JanJan, 62
    Every time i looked in the mirror those horrible eye bags stared back at me, I looked tired all the time but inside i was still the young fun loving person I have always been.Having my eye bags removed is something I have wanted to do for over 20 years. What better incentive than marrying my lovely man in sunny Barbados this April. I won't have to look at those awful bags staring back from my wedding photographs.

    Dominic Bray and PHI Clinic was recommend to me by a family member who has nothing but praise for the work Dominic does there. He also said how a lot of the work is carried out by Twilight sedation and local anesthesia as this aided recovery time. I had already carried out a lot of research on Upper Blepharoplasty and lower Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty. I had already seen two consultants at other clinics whom I did not feel over confident about prior to meeting Dominic at PHI. I was not disappointed. From the time I walked in and was greeted by very welcoming staff I was immediately made to feel at ease. Dominic came through and introduced himself and again made me feel very welcome and at ease with his cheerful,confident friendly and yet professional manor.

    He took both myself and my fiance through to his consulting rooms where we sat and talked about what I was hoping to achieve and why and how long had I wanted for the procedure to be done. Dominic took a lot of photos from different angles before he went on to explain how when he looks at the face he breaks it down into sections as in some cases one type of procedure can correct another area without additional surgery. Each case is different. In my case my eye bags could be corrected without any other invasive procedures to give the desired result.

    He went on to explain exactly what he could do and how, he also said I would benefit from Co2 laser resurfacing of the lower eyelid skin to smooth out the area once the fat was removed to smooth the skin. This would be done by Dr. Tapan Patel after Dominic had finished his surgery. I met Dr Patel the same afternoon and he explained how the procedure would benefit the finished look. He asked a few questions and gave his expert opinion. Nothing was hurried.

    All of our questions were answered thoroughly and honestly. Nothing was too much trouble and I was not pushed into making a decision of any kind. I knew instinctively I could trust Dominic implicitly to give me my 'eyes back'..

    I asked if it was feasible for me to have the surgery and recover in time for my wedding. Dominic assured me I had plenty of time, more so because of the Twilight Sedation which he had already discussed with me. We were then shown over the theaters where the surgery was to take place. Every thing was spotlessly clean.

    I booked my surgery for the End of February and when the day dawned everything went to plan. Once again all the staff without exception were brilliant, caring and attentive in every way. Dominic talked me through the procedure again to make sure I understood everything and had no qualms. Again his whole demeanor was one of caring, humor and professionalism . I was totally at ease. During surgery I felt virtually nothing but I could hear voices in the distance now and then but otherwise i was drifting off on another planet somewhere. Bruising subsided very very quickly with the aid of lots of ice packs and sleeping upright for the first 5 days which i did find uncomfortable but it had to be done. I would say that was the worst bit, more than any surgery. I was wearing my contact lens albeit only for a few hours a day 11 days after surgery. That says it all... Aftercare was excellent, with post op check ups at the clinic the next day, phone calls and emails to make sure all was well.
  • I am overjoyed with the results of my lower facelift and neck lift performed by Dominic 3 weeks ago. I experienced only mild discomfort at worst and the recovery time was unbelievable. I was out socialising only days later and back to work after a week. The procedure has taken 15 years off me. Nobody has guessed my secret - although I have had endless comments as to what I've changed, I've laughed it off with a comment about a new hairdresser. The best thing is that I still look just like me - only 15 years ago! No wind tunnel, Joan Rivers effect. Best of all - I can now smile for the photos instead of scurrying away to hide behind somebody else! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dominic and his team. During the whole procedure, he was caring, professional and supportive and his team were friendly and efficient throughout. Aftercare was excellent. I would urge anyone thinking about it to just do it - it's life-changing.
  • Katy,
    I am so happy to get my face lift done. I got my confidence back again, I look naturally beautiful, and look about 10/15 years younger. Dominic has been supporting me all the way through, from the very beginning and step by step, he never made me feel that I was on my own through this procedure. His before care, and after care is superb, he always returned my calls and messages quickly. He proved to me that there is still doctors who care about their patients. Thanks Dominic.
    When first i met Dominic i said to myself," Yes this is the one i let to touch my face." If you tend to get a facelift done i highly recommend you to go and see Mr Dominic Bray before you make any decision. He knows me. I am very hard to please, and a bit fussy. I have studied for many years to find someone to trust to leave my face and my look to. I have been to the top plastic surgeons in London but none of them could convince me if i could trust them enough to let them to do the job for me. I was after a particular procedure that Dominic was the only one to do it in the UK. He is not only an artist in his profession but also a true human being. He is kind, passionate, lovely and trustworthy. I have had a brow and face lift with him 16th Jan this year. Its been a month and so now since and that has been the best decision i have ever made in my life. I look beautiful, much younger, and looking fresh and happy. Last Thursday i have been to this party and i almost attract all the eyes even ladies' to myself. I could not believe it and was so surprised. I look so natural that no body even my close friends could guess if i've done any job on my face, at the same time they say "oh my God you look so good ". I myself particularly love my eyes. the eye shape he has given me is just beyond my belief and i get so many complements about my eyes.
    Please feel free to ask any question if you need me to help you going through this procedure. I'll be more than happy to help you. I will finish here with this phrase " Dominic i love you so much for what you've done for me and i was so lucky to find you." Katy.
  • Debs_Testimonial_80x80

    Debs, 53.

    My fortieth decade was heavily invested in my children. My daughter had a diagnosis of severe OCD and my son sustained a head injury as a toddler, which damaged the language processing part of his brain. I had to go through several tribunals to ensure that his statement of special needs met his needs and then spent 9 years driving 120 miles a day to take him to and collect him from the school he needed to attend. My son turned 18 just after my 52nd birthday and freed from spending 4 hours a day driving, I was able to focus on myself for a change and wanted to recapture some of my ‘lost decade’.


    I am always glued to any TV documentary, of the ’10 years younger’ ilk. I frequently ‘surfed the internet’ for good facial surgeons. I wanted a natural look and wished not to have a general anesthetic. When I found Dominic’s website I was impressed and phoned for an appointment immediately. I was even more impressed when I met him. I loved Dominic’s passion and enthusiasm. He is very engaging and open and spent a long time answering my questions and showing me photos of his work. This communication has continued both before and after my surgery, with him answering any queries immediately by email, text or phone call. I was impressed with Dominic’s understanding of the aesthetics of the face and like the fact that he specializes in facial surgery alone. I was also reassured by the fact that Dominic has spent time working with patients with facial paralysis, which he had also experienced himself.


    I had had my upper eyes 'done' by a different surgeon in 2009 (and am pleased with the result). Although I opted for local anesthetic, the surgery was performed in a hospital and the surgeon performed 'all' types of cosmetic surgery. On the day my op was shunted to the end of the day so he could accommodate a breast enlargement. I was bored and alone in my hospital room, waiting for hours, listening to him chatting to this patient and feeling neglected! The surgery itself went well but an operating theatre is not nearly as pleasant as Dominic's clinic room with its reclining chair and background music. As I was wheeled into recovery a young nurse asked me why I had had the operation!! I was taken back to my room and left, so ended up going home without seeing the surgeon again. I even asked my nurse friend to take the stitches out for me and the surgeon didn't even phone to find out why I hadn't made an appointment to have them out. He didn't make contact at all in the recovery period. I had researched his credentials and he was a 'top guy' in the field, but my experience with Dominic has been vastly different and so much better. His patient care is brilliant.


    Dominic sent reassuring messages in the days leading up to surgery and met me when I arrived on the day itself, taking me to the ‘pod’ to get ready. There was no ‘hanging around’ time to increase nerves! In fact I felt very calm. The numbing injections were virtually pain free and the whole surgery a ‘pleasant’ experience. I dozed a bit and chatted and laughed. There was no pain or anxiety. I was bandaged and popped in a taxi with my girlfriend for the short ride to the hotel, which supplied room service food and ice! Dominic came to see me that evening in the same hotel which was so reassuring.


    The following morning my friend and I walked back to the clinic for my hair wash/lymphatic massage and lamp treatment. I returned home to the usual domestic chores of cooking, washing and light housework, which I was able to complete in between periods of rest and icepacks. I was driving short distances on day 2 and walking the dogs. My stitches came out on day 7 (also painless) and now on day 8 the swelling and bruising is subsiding more rapidly. The most noticeable bruise was under one eye, due to the brow lift.


    I look forward to enjoying my ‘fresher face’ and cannot speak highly enough of Dominic….

  • Sheri,
    Dominic is both passionate and professional. He talked me through every stage of the procedure and did a personally tailored operation , designed to achieve maximum results whilst still looking natural.
    My experience was relaxed but very well informed . No pain, and excellent aftercare. Being a Type 1 Diabetic, I was far happier not having to be asleep during the process. All staff present were professional and work as a team . I was awake but relaxed . The level of care was first class . I would recommend Dominic to anyone considering a facelift. He took loads of before and after photos and gave me the correct medications for my post and preoperative care
  • Happy_Patients_Pauline.60Pauline, 60: "I have looked on websites for years about facelifts but always felt scared about surgery. When I saw that you could have a local anaesthetic and no hospital stay I became really interested.  My consultation with Dominic was so informative and relaxed and he took away all my previous fears about having a facelift. I did not want to be put out completely so I was aware of what was going on all the time. I didn't feel any pain and was reassured all the way through the procedure. I had my stitches out yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I honestly believe I could not have found a more caring surgeon than Dominic. So to all those ladies (and men) who are really scared about surgery, you will be amazed at the results."
    Pauline, 60
  • happy-patients-davidDavid, 52:   "It is my sincere pleasure to write a testimonial to the work performed upon me recently by Dominic Bray, who by chance I discovered while surfing the Internet one night in my attempt to try and rectify a facial misdemeanour I had to constantly endure in front of large groups of people in my work as an international touring Yoga instructor. The moment I met Dominic and his Uber friendly and welcoming team at his clinic in Tunbridge Wells I was immediately touched by his compassion empathy and willingness to hear my story (which was so appreciated at the time). His suggestions were creative fresh , exciting and totally made sense for the only window left open where an operation could take place within my own intense year round touring schedule ( in fact he re jigged his own holiday arrangements to accommodate my own!) To say I am pleased with the results...is a dwarf standing next to a giant tall!! In the world of cosmetic surgery Dominic is unique, special and out on his own,.. he is innovative, highly skilled and it is so obvious that he loves what he does to the point where his ability is his Art! In the world of Yoga he would be regarded and revered as a Master, and if your lucky enough to have the karma where he is your surgeon....life is already smiling down upon you !!! In a word Dominic You Totally Rock!!!!"
    David, 52
  • happy-patients-JoJo: "I had done lots of research about a Facelift. Due to weight loss I was looking very tired and saggy! I found Dominic Bray on Real Self and went to see him based on all the reviews. I have to agree with them, he is very approachable, fun, and I have total confidence in him. The procedure went really quickly and it was, dare I say, almost a fun experience, I was so relaxed. All the staff at the clinic are wonderful, and I will miss them. After care has been fantastic, they make you feel really special. It's been a couple of weeks since my surgery, and I'm back to normal, scars healing nicely, you can't see a thing apart from my new face! I've had so many ' you look well' comments, it's been fantastic. I'm really pleased with the results, and am so glad I did it!"
  • happy-patients-JaneJane: "Surgical facial enhancement is something that needs much consideration beforehand; for me, I waited until it felt like the next logical step to seek out a surgeon. And after consulting with three others, and deciding that I would probably leave it for a year or so because it didn't feel "quite right", Dominic Bray's website dropped onto my iMac screen! I knew immediately that this gentle procedure, and this lovely guy, were right for me. Particularly when I discovered that the Clinic was just a few miles from where I live. Dominic, and all the team, put me right at ease from the off, and he went through the procedure piece by piece with me in his comfortable bright office (which is also his surgery!) while I sipped a lovely cup of coffee. He is such an approachable man, enthusiastic, passionate about his craft - with a great sense of humour! But entirely professional. He took lots of photos which he was able to transfer to his office screen straight away, then show me his suggestions for what I wanted to achieve. There was no pressure to go ahead and he wanted me to be sure. Dominic explained I would need some lipo on the neck and lower cheeks to achieve what I wanted, which was a subtle, natural enhancement of my lower face, turning the clock back somewhere between 5 and 10 years. I was impressed too with Dominic's description of his method of cutting and stitching, which is done at an oblique angle and knits together better afterwards. The procedure on the day seemed so quick, although I was in the comfy warm chair for about 4 hours with some sedation. Apparently I was chatting a bit! I felt fine straight afterwards, no queasy stomach! I was able to enjoy a drink while waiting for my husband to collect me. Everyone at the Clinic seemed in the business of making everything go smoothly, and making me feel so very looked-after. The bandaging was very firm and had to be worn overnight before swapping for something more comfortable the next day - I would say that is as bad as it will get, as there's no physical pain, as such. It's now been 7 weeks and I'm so pleased with the result!"  
  • happy-clients-LesleyLesley, 62: "My experience and story, where to start!! I 1st met Dominic a couple of months ago through a mutual friend, I had been thinking about surgery for a couple of years but did not have the courage to take the chance that I would get the right results. Right from the time I met Dominic I felt totally at ease, he has so much passion and confidence about his procedures. I read up as much as I could about Quicklifts and knew that this was definitely the way to go for me. Dominic explained everything in detail about the procedure so I was left in no doubt about what to expect. He has an amazing approach, he is kind attentive and thoroughly professional in every aspect, he made me feel special!! Without embarrassing him I hope, he is a lovely guy and he made the decision easy. I am now 7 days down then line and cannot believe the difference, friends have already said I look 15 years younger. I feel amazing and its given me so much confidence, I actually look the same outside as I feel inside. Please feel free to ask to see my photos, I am Lesley and I am 61, going on 45!! If you are thinking of a procedure, then take this as the best thing you will ever do and my recommendation is to visit Dominic and you will see what I mean. Thanks Dominic and all his staff, you have made me extremely happy!!"
    Lesley, 62
  • happy-clients-DebbieDebbie, 52: "My name is Debbie and I am the 52 year old whose pictures are shown in the gallery. I decided to have cosmetic surgery after a difficult period during which I had lost weight and ended with skin that looked too big for my face. I visited a number of clinics and explored having a general face lift but, did not think that it would give me the results that I was looking for and also I did not want to take so long to recover. I was due to start back at work at the beginning of May. I then came across the Quick lift and made an appointment at the Chilston Clinic. As soon as I met Dominic and his team I knew I was in very competent hands. He explained the procedure very thoroughly and I had no reservations about going ahead with the procedure. I had the procedure under local anaesthetic and although sedation was available I did not want or need very much. Through my own choice I remained awake throughout most of the procedure and felt fine afterwards, albeit a bit swollen, and I could not believe the results which were evident as early as the next morning when the bandage came off. Over the next couple of days I took the pain killers that had been prescribed for me but, by the third day I stopped taking them during the day and only took them at night because I was not in pain, just uncomfortable. In fact I went shopping in Brighton the Saturday, just 4 days post Op and returned to work on Tuesday one week post op. It has now been just over three weeks and I am absolutely delighted with the results and the follow up care that I have received from the Clinic.They have been incredibly caring and supportive throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dominic and his team and the quick lift procedure to any one. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I no longer look tired and I have my confidence back. Those that said it would not make me happy were wrong, it has. I no longer dread catching a glimpse of the tired old me. Now my smile is genuine, I am very happy and full of confidence again. Thank you so very very much Dominic."
    Debbie, 52
  • happy-patients-MichaelMichael: "I had been thinking about this procedure for some time as was slightly apprehensive being a guy about visible scaring and it being very obviously a face lift. On first meeting Dominic I was made to feel at ease from the very start, he took me through the procedure and at no time did I feel pressured into anything. The whole atmosphere of the clinic and the staff was friendly and I was made to feel like part of a family. When the day of the procedure arrived I was made to feel very relaxed, the whole procedure was pain free and it felt like I had the whole team fussing over me, I felt very spoiled and special.   The after care has been great and I am really pleased I went through with it. I had minimum swelling after surgery and the scars are barely visibly as most are within the hairline and the overall look is really natural. I think Dominic is amazing and would highly recommend you talk to him if you are thinking about this procedure."

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