Carole 57-Facelift, Neck lift surgery

Carole came to see me over a year ago for consultation about facial rejuvenation. Such a lovely lady, Carole has spent her life in North Africa and was beginning to notice the signs of facial ageing and sun exposure. We scheduled a face and neck lift and submental liposuction about a year in advance. Here is her story

Morning after facelift, Neck lift surgery

As it has been a year since I have seen Carole, I examined her face preoperatively and we decided not to undertake submental liposuction. The money saved would be far better put to prescription skin care following her surgery.
These photos are taken he morning after Surgery the day before. Carole’s face is already more volumised (albeit swollen), her neck and jawlines defined and her wrinkles have been ironed out! She should progress really well.

One week after surgery

A week later and Carole is back to see me for removal of her stitches. I have actually seen Carole a couple of times this week as, being normally resident abroad, she has been staying close to the clinic. Carole is looking brilliant. The yellow bruising should have gone in another few days, leaving a fresher, better defined and volumised face. I will see her for a check up just before she goes home in a couple of weeks, but with the beauty of the internet we can keep in virtual contact if she needs.

Four weeks after surgery

Carole is back to see me the day before flying home to another continent. She looks wonderful. Fresh and rejuvenated, a few lingering pesky bruises should be gone in a few days but I have ushered them along with another pulsed dye laser session. Carole is going to start skin care over the next week or two so should look even more radiant when I see her again. She is a lovely lady and has had a really lovely result.