Chrissy, 54; Revision Facelift, Neck lift Surgery

Chrissy came to see me about revision facelift surgery. She had undergone a MACS facelift 2 years prior followed by a revision to address a pleat of skin under her right ear. The vector of her lift, whilst tightening the jawline hadn’t addressed the mid facial volume loss so she underwent fat transfer and sculptra injections with her surgeon. She remained dissatisfied and sought my help. The only way to remove the pleat was to perform a full revision face and neck lift which would also enable me to improve her facial proportions and large hollow below her cheekbone. Here is her story.

Morning after revision Facelift, Neck lift surgery

Chrissy's surgery went great yesterday. Her lax MACS loop sutures were removed and her face revectored to fill the mid face. The improved contour is already visible on profile view where the cheek hollow has been filled by appropriate vectored lift. The pleated neck skin - very common in MACS lifts as the neck is not addressed - is delicately tailored and redraped  She will be swollen for a few days but should do really well. 

One week after surgery

Chrissy is back for removal of her stitches and doing fantastically. Bruising is now mainly in her neck and she retains a little swelling under the chin which is almost ubiquitous for this stage.It will go by week 3. Her face shape has changed completely, no longer drawn, she looks proportionate and defined. The 3D visual analysis below shows the improvement in her right neck pleat and mid facial hollow. Chrissy is off travelling now so SPF 50 packed she will be back for review at 7 weeks out.

Seven weeks after surgery

Chrissy is back from her travel and I have to admit I waited with some trepidation to see what the Indian sun had done to her fresh scars but they couldn’t look better. Chrissy has looked after them brilliantly and at 7 weeks they are as healed as I have seen for this stage. Perhaps all patients should recover in India! She looks brilliant. Fresh, healthy and rejuvenated. Her previously square and taught mid face is now supple and voluminous, neck skin pleat has gone and her neck line is beautifully defined. Really pleased for her, she has had a long journey to get here but now has the face she wanted.

Three months after surgery

At 3 months Chrissy is well healed, her scars are invisible (below) and her face is subtly volumised and softer, and her jawline gently curves after her revision face and neck lift. The only snag (excuse the pun) is one of her deep muscular stitches pulls a little on forced lateral neck rotation. This isn’t affecting her enjoyment of the result and will likely settle as time goes by but if problematic for her is easily fixed under local anaesthetic in about 15 mins. We will decide when her face has had more time to heal.

One year after surgery

Chrissie is a year out now from her revision surgery. She is doing really well and looks fantastic. I did release a suture a few months ago and this has resolved the snagging issue. Chrissie’s face remains volumised and rejuvenated.