Jan, 62; Eyelid Surgery

Jan came to see me about her eye bags. She felt she looked tired and with a wedding coming up she wanted to make the best of her blue eyes. She had consulted others but it just hadn’t felt right. I was also wary of a fast approaching deadline as she was in the midst of wedding preparations. Under local anaesthetic I performed and upper eyelid blepharoplasty, transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty with fat repositioning, lower lid skin pinch excision and finished it with CO2 ablative laser resurfacing. Here is her progress.

Morning after eyelid surgery

These photos are taken the morning after Surgery the afternoon before. A little bit of red eye is normal with the eye drop medication and behind the eyelid approach but it is painless. Already we can see the improvement in upper lid skin excess and lower lid bags.

Day 5 after eyelid surgery

Jan is back for removal of all her stitches. Her bruising has come out  and is going, her incisions healing beautifully and despite a little swelling remaining, we can already see how her eyes are now much more delicately framed. The grazing on the cheekbones is the skin healing after the laser resurfacing.

Day 10 after eyelid surgery

Just a few days later and Jan is back for review. Wow! She is looking great, swelling has subsided, bruising all but gone and her laser resurfaced skin well healed.
As I do not remove under eye fat with lower lid blepharoplasty, but reposition it in the tear trough ( a much more technical procedure) Jan doesn’t have a hollow look that we sometimes see with lower eyelid surgery. She still has 6 weeks before her wedding so a little eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner and she will look picture perfect!

Day 20 after eyelid surgery

I am keeping a close eye on Jan and reviewing her regularly to ensure you looks perfect for her wedding. It is now just under 3 weeks since her upper blepharoplasty, transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty, skin pinch excision and CO2 laser. Her whole persona has transformed and she lights up the room on review. Her smile gets wider with every follow up appointment!

1 month after eyelid surgery

Here is Jan at 30 days after upper and lower eyelid surgery. Her wedding is in a couple of weeks and I have just had a sneak preview of her wedding dress - she looks stunning - Far younger than her real age. I have treated her middle forehead with a small amount of wrinkle reducing injections just to finish off her new look prior to her big day.  Good luck Jan!

Eight weeks after surgery

8 weeks after her upper and lower eyelid Surgery, Jan has sent me a photo of her wedding day. 
She looks just perfect.

"I think it shows your skill as a surgeon to perfection, thank you so much Dominic for helping me to make our wedding photos so memorable."

When I receive emails like this, I feel so lucky. I don’t work for a living, I live for my work.