Jenny 55 Revision Facelift Necklift

Jenny sought my advice about secondary facial rejuvenation following a facelift 10 years ago. Her lift had held up well but she felt her jawline was in need of a little further help. Jenny has lovely natural facial bone structure but her soft tissues had started to descend and I felt I could revolumise her middle third with a revision face and neck lift which we undertook under local anaesthetic.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift surgery

Jenny looks great the morning after her revision face and neck lift.  Her hairline had been a little elevated previously so I had to carefully remove her old scars and reposition them in a more inconspicuous manner.
She already looks defined fresher and rejuvenated and her neck line is amazing. 

One week after surgery

A week later and Jenny looks wonderful. Her face is now rounded and better defined in the lower third and the sparkle is back in her eye. Such a funny lady with a brilliant sense of humour (and the first to tell me my singing was dreadful during her surgery!) I am excited for her, she should have a really really nice result.

Five weeks after surgery

Jenny breezes back into clinic 5 weeks after her revision facelift. She has such great energy and is always so bubbly. She looks beautiful. This is exactly what I try and achieve with all facelifts: any surgeon can make a face look tighter, but the art of great facelifting is to make a face look prettier,  more balanced and to fit the person it lives with! Our faces make the first impression and they have to convey ’us’.  Her young scars are shown below  - note the change in temple hairline from her previous surgery. This is the result of previous incisions running straight up above her ear.

Three months after surgery

Jenny’s result at 3 months is fantastic. This is now her result following revision facelift, all has healed beautifully and she looks so naturally rejuvenated. Lovely volume in her mid face also improves her lower eyelid hollow. I didn’t remove a huge amount of skin in Jenny’s lift, it was all deeper work to structurally refine her facial contours. I am so happy for her.