Julie 48 Facelift Neck lift Brow lift chin implant surgery

Julie is a lovely looking lady who was keen to put the clock back a little as the menopause approached. She had looked after herself and her skin, but felt her face was changing. Petite bony proportions meant that mid facial volume shift was more apparent. We decided to support her lower third with a bespoke chin implant and lift her face neck and brow. Here is her journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift, chin implant surgery

Only a few hours after surgery Julie is swollen and bruised.Her scars look fairly gruesome at this very early stage but will heal and fade to become almost invisible. Her chin implant already gives better balance to her face but as always the swelling on frontal view makes he chin look extra big at this stage. It will settle. She is going to look brilliant when fully healed.

One week after surgery

Julie is back for removal of her stitches. A lot of the swelling has settled and a few bruises remain which will be gone by 2 weeks. Her face looks defined and proportionate. A super sharp jaw and neck line is helped by her chin augmentation. This also subtly reduces the projection of her nose on profile view. Chin still expectedly swollen but by her month shots should be looking great.

One month after surgery

Here is Julie at a month. She is looking knockout brilliant. Her face has settled in to a lovely harmonious balance with good mid face volume and defined lower third. Under eye hollowing has improved and jowls gone. Her chin is now much less swollen and beautifully proportionate. Her temporal hairline scar is still visible without makeup but easily camouflaged and should be faded to almost nothing by her next review.

Twelve weeks after surgery

12 weeks after her surgery Julie strides into clinic looking a million dollars. Such a lovely lady and even more a head turner! She has healed just great. Her scars are almost there, contracting beautifully and should completely invisible at next review - see below. Really really lovely result. Julie now would like her lower eyelid crepiness addressed. She doesn’t ‘need’ this, and I hadn’t picked it up, but easy to do so they might be done by next review!