Lily 67 Facelift Neck lift Liposuction surgery

Lily thought long and hard about surgery as all my patient do. She was looking to freshen her appearance and sought my advice. Descent of her mid face to the lower facial third had caused bowling and secondary loss of both her jaw and neck lines. We undertook a face and neck lift, underchin and jawline liposuction and platysmaplasty via a small incision under her chin. I also performed and upper eyelid blepharoplasty. All of this was under local anaesthetic with sedation. Here is her journey

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Platysmaplasty Liposuction, upper eyelid surgery

Big case yesterday, to really resculpt Lily’s face I had to literally dissect, elevate and join all compartments. This gave me access to meticulously sculpt her new facial contour. For just a few hours after her revision surgery she is remarkably unbruised and swollen. Her face shape is more proportionate, her neck line extraordinary and her upper eyelid surgery had already framed her eyes. Excited to see how she progresses.

One week after surgery

Lily is back at a week and hilariously makes a quick change back in to her characteristic pink shirt to standardise her photos for anyone following her progress. She is doing just great. Her bruising is now out in force but should be settled in another week or so. Her new face shape is settling beautifully. I have treated her bruising with the VBeam perfecta laser and also started work on her facial thread veins and rosacea. The aim is a flawless complexion to go with her newly sculpted face.

One month after surgery

Lily at a month is doing just great. Well healed now and looking sculpted and redefined. Lily is more meticulous than me about post operative photography for the benefit of future patients. Same pose, angles and shirt! No make up on, she assures me that her one year shots will be fully made up. Despite no make up in the after pictures here compared with before, she looks so much better. Attractive upper eyelid show and a super defined neck. Her young scars are healing nicely (see below). The VBEAM is already getting to work on her rosacia and thread veins which are now patches as opposed to a blanket full cheek flush. A few more treatments and these should be nicely under control. Keep going Lily, you are doing just great!

Three months after surgery

It’s great to see Lily again, out comes the pink shirt and here are her photos. A resculpted fresher face, defined upper eyelids and a sharp neckline she looks and feels brilliant. Lily mentioned she had received admiring glances recently which is exactly what we all want! I am so pleased for her, swelling and bruising all gone and scars are healing well as can be seen below. Lily’s skin is in the reactive phase of her transformation, her rosacea is improved and in a few more weeks the redness should have settled. I have put up her skin analysis today as a separate photo block below.

Skin analysis

These images are of Lily’s face at 3 months after surgery and 8 weeks on prescription skin care with tretinoin, hydroquinone and 2 treatments of pulsed dye laser for rosacia and facial thread veins.
Her facial hyperpigmentation is markedly improved, the darker sunspots are reduced in intensity and number and overall her complexion is more homogenous. On the vascularity analysis, the florid vascularity previously visible on her chin and the butterfly malar formation on her cheeks has significantly improved. Further sessions of laser should continue this improvement. To be able to pictorially show patients' the improvement in their skin at a deeper level motivates, reaffirms and encourages when all they can see is red dry skin!

Six months after surgery

Lily is back to see me at 6 months and looking fantastic. In my opinion the best I have ever seen her! Her regular pulsed dye laser treatments have really taken the facial flushing down and her skin quality is so much better. Her jaw and necklines hold nicely and her upper eyelids are nicely defined. A really lovely result.