Lizzy 55 Facelift Neck lift Brow lift eye lid Surgery

Lizzy came to see me for a second consultation after another surgeon told her she would never have a defined neckline. This was an analysis I disagreed with and we undertook a face and neck lift, Submental liposuction as well as rejuvenation of the upper third with a lateral brow lift and upper blepharoplasty. Here is her Journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Liposuction, Brow lift, Upper eye lid Surgery

The morning after surgery Lizzy looks swollen and characteristically alien (!) but is doing really well. Her neckline has come up extraordinarily well and she should have the result she was looking for. attractive fullness in her midface is achieved with lift alone and no supplementary volumisation. Looking forward to seeing her progress.

One week after surgery

Seven days later Lizzy is back for removal of her stitches which I have just done before these pictures. Poor Lizzy has lots of bruising from her lipo  but this should go quickly now it is turning yellow. Her facial shape has been contoured nicely and her neckline is looking brilliant. Her eyes are on the way to achieving a really attractive shape with the mid face lift, brow lift and upper blepharoplasty

Three weeks after surgery

Just three weeks on an Lizzy looks fantastic! All her bruising and swelling has now gone and she looks beautifully defined and proportionate with restoration of her mid facial volume by lifting her jowl soft tissue. Her neck line is nicely defined, especially as her preop photo is poorly positioned which flatters her pre op neck! Scars remain a little red at this early stage and partly because i have been picking at them and cleaning them just before these photos, but they are well on their way to healing nicely. Next up is laser treatment of the small red papule under her left eye and a little supplementary dermal filler. 

Three months after surgery

At 3 months out from surgery Lizzy is glowing. Her skin is transformed and her neck, jawline and eyelids remain beautifully defined. Scars are now completely inconspicuous and all has settled wonderfully. The little haemangioma (red spot) beneath Lizzy’s left eye has disappeared with the pulse dye laser treatment. Lizzy tells me she has had her fringe cut as she no longer needs to hide. That for me is the perfect result.

One year after surgery

I took these follow up photos a year after Lizzy’s initial surgery and about 10 minutes before we undertook a transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty and laser to reduce the lower lid fullness - results to follow...
Lizzy looks really well despite having had a tough week. Her result is holding up nicely, with lovely mid facial volume and a beautifully defined upper lid and brow complex. She wont look so pretty tomorrow as the laser does its work to resurface the skin!