Lucy, 53; Facelift, neck lift, Platymaplasty surgery

Lucy sought my advice about rejuvenating her lower facial third and neck. It had increasingly bothered her over the previous few years and despite the usual hesitation from loved ones decided to do something for herself!
We undertook a face and neck lift with platysmaplasty under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Morning after Facelift, neck lift, Platymaplasty surgery

Surgery went great yesterday. Lucy’s jaw and necklines are already markedly defined and after a few days of inevitable swelling should settle nicely. Bruising has come out already so by her week review should be turing yellow on its way out.

One week after surgery

Just a week later, I am taking out Lucy’s stitches. I say just a week but after a facelift a week feels like a very long time. Daily changes in facial volume, swelling and colour can test even the most patient, but the key is to not rush recovery. Lucy is doing great. Swelling reducing and her new facial shape is developing nicely. Another week or so for bruising to disappear but I have helped it along with the laser.

One month after surgery

It was lovely to see Lucy again today looking so well a month after her surgery. All swelling and bruising now gone and in its place a beautifully defined lower facial third. Scars are healing brilliantly and will be invisible in another few weeks.

Three months after surgery

Apologies! I just couldn’t ask Lucy to stop smiling today for her photos as she looks fantastic. I am usually a stickler for lighting and position but I’ll let this one go…. Lucy radiates confidence and beauty today. Her skin is completely rejuvenated on prescription treatment and the new definition in her lower facial third and neck is obvious. Scars are completely inconspicuous under magnified light and her family now understand why she decided to do this! So pleased for her.