Marian 65 facelift and neck lift, liposuction, Platysmaplasty

Marian came to see me about her neck and jawlines. She had had a prior consultation in London for surgery in Belgium but felt (quite rightly in my opinion!) that the facelift journey was far more than just the operation and wanted to have access to her surgeon should the need arise. Marian’s main issue was her lower facial third, she was keen to address the eyelids but wants to see how the face and neck go first. We undertook a face and neck lift, submental and jawline liposuction and a platysmaplasty - all under local anaesthetic and sedation

Morning after after facelift, neck lift, liposuction, Platysmaplasty

Here is Marian the morning after her surgery. One word - Swollen!! I had to perform a really quite extensive dissection yesterday to get her the best result. Most of her neck fat was deep under the midline platysma muscle in the neck so this all needed to be meticulously dissected out. Once this had been done and the face and neck muscles tightened, there was an abundance of excess skin that needed further dissection to redrape beautifully. This is exactly the reason that I limit my surgeries per week. It gives me the luxury of time to ensure that each and every facelift gets the time it needs to get the right result first time. We can already see how Marian’s new face shape and neck line will be. She has a date with several ice packs though in the meantime.

One week after surgery

Marian is back for removal of her stitches and her bruising is now coming out. Everything is progressing nicely despite her description of  “looking like I’ve been hit in the face with a frying pan”!!
Good humour and confidence in the outcome, as well as support from our team is essential in any facelift journey. Her swelling is subsiding and will do more so over the next few weeks. I suspect her brushing will be gone in another week. I was actually expecting more with the extent of dissection we had to undertake. Her neck line, profile and frontal facial proportions are much improved already.

Four weeks after surgery

Four weeks from her surgery and Marian is really well healed. Her jowls have gone and neck is tighter. Her skin looks better too having had the excess removed. Her scars are red but healthy and will fade over the next few weeks. A little swelling under the chin is normal as the platysma work heals. I am delighted with how she is doing.

Three months after surgery

Marian is back at 3 months after surgery for review. She looks brilliant. Those jowls have been lifted back to the mid face and her jaw and necklines are back to their former glory. After getting constant compliments from friends and family she has had to confess! Her skin is repairing on Vitamin A and is glowing. Next on the wish list is upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation which we will do over the winter months.