Maureen 71 Facelift Neck lift Upper eyelid surgery

Maureen wanted to freshen her look before going back to her nursing career midfacial descent and jowling and hooding of her eyelids made her look tired. We undertook a face and neck lift and upper eyelids blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic and sedation. This is her story

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Upper Eyelid surgery

Just a few hours after surgery Maureen is doing really well. Hair washed and feeling more human, she looks fresher and rejuvenated even at this early stage. Her neck line is really lovely and defined. 
She will be back in a week for removal of her stitches.

One week after surgery

Maureen is back for removal of her upper eyelid and facial stitches and doing really well. Some bruising many in the neck will settle quickly after I have helped it along today. A stunning face shape is emerging and Maureen’s whole appearance is softer, fresher and rejuvenated.

Four weeks after surgery

Maureen is back for a review at 4 weeks. Everything is settling down nicely, still early on in her healing journey but she looks brilliant. Her upper lids are now visible, her mid face is voluminous and her jowls have gone. Her young scars on well on their way to healing imperceptibly. I look for widening, raised areas and poor healing at this stage and there is no sign of anything for concern. The redness will settle over the next few weeks (see below).  Maureen understandable it getting a few compliments and so she should, She could pass for 20 years younger than her actual age!

Seven months after surgery

7 months out from surgery Maureen looks continues to look fresh and rejuvenated. Good mid facial volume persists, a nicely defined jawline and lovely upper eyelid show. Her scars have healed beautifully and are now barely visible. A lovely natural result.

One year after surgery

I can’t believe it has been a year since Maureen’s surgery. She popped back to clinic today to see Rebecca about skin care. Her result is maintained beautifully, a little skin in the midline neck but we didn’t perform a platysmaplasty and it certainly doesn’t detract from a lovely natural rejuvenation that befits her face perfectly. I always feel slightly sad when patients are discharged but it has been a pleasure treating Maureen and I am sure like many others I will see her in clinic from time to time.