Max came to see me desperate for help following premature facial ageing after a premature menopause and period of illness. She felt she no longer recognised herself and wanted to regain her natural facial proportions but not have to wait until her 50’s for surgery. I see a lot of patients in this demographic and whilst facial rejuvenation surgery must be approached fully informed, in the right motivated patient, the results can restore confidence and improve quality of life. Max had significant fullness in her lower facial third with jowling. Filler volumisation is the usual first choice in the younger demographic but in Max’s case this would just have given her a bigger face - not what she was looking for. We undertook and face, neck and lateral temporal brow lift under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

Max was brilliant yesterday, She breezed through surgery and the morning after, albeit naturally swollen her proportions are restored. The lower face is slimmer and the mid face has been revolumised with her mobilised jowl. I performed a subtle lateral brow lift to balance her upper eyes. Max naturally has no upper lid show and I was guided by photographs of her in her 20’s. I think she is going to do brilliantly.

One week after facelift surgery

At a week after surgery Max is back for removal of her stitches. It is hard to stop her smiling. She knows where her face is going! Swelling persists but has hugely reduced, bruising is minimal and her facial proportions look lovely.
It is so humbling to see someone regain their mojo just by tinkering with their appearance. Looking forward to seeing max at a month.

Four weeks after surgery

Only a month out and Max is looking fantastic. Her mid face has been volumised reducing the under eye hollowing and rebalancing her facial proportions. The lower third fullness has gone leaving a beautifully defined neck and jawline. Her new confidence is palpable and just lovely to see, she is ready to face the world again with a face she recognises. Her scars (below) are doing really well. Still red as expected but flat, healing and easily concealable - they certainly weren’t spotted at a new job interview yesterday - Good luck Max!

Three months after surgery

Here is Max at 3 months out. Still brimming with new found confidence which always humbles me, I say it time and again, facial rejuvenation is nothing to do with vanity, it is confidence or psychosocial surgery. Here is a lovely looking young girl who previously felt uncomfortable about her appearance after premature ageing through no fault of her own. Had she had depression after an illness she would have been put on anti depressive or mood stabiliser drugs so I don’t see the difference - intact I would argue a good case for NHS funding for this surgery - but no doubt it would fall on deaf ears! Back to Max, she looks fresher, younger, proportionate and like the Max she expected when looking in the mirror. Her scars a doing well, facial skin texture and flushing still needs treatment to get it clean and homogenous which we are starting now.

Six months after surgery

At 6 months Max has come back to see me as happy with her face she feels her lower eyelids fat pads now could do with improving. I explain that she certainly doesn’t ‘need’ this doing and she counters that I tell everyone that they don’t ‘need’ what I do! She is right, but the difference is Max’s confidence and outlook since her surgery is mind-blowing. Nicely healed now with lovely facial proportions that restore those of her younger days. She does have a little fullness in the lower lid fat fads which could be improved with a transconjuctival lower lid blepharoplasty. I have asked her to think carefully about it and we might do it later on in the year.

One year after surgery

At almost a year after her surgery Max is now beautifully healed and everything is holding up well. A lovely feminine shape and defined jawline is maintained. These photos are taken just before we undertook a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty and C02 laser to reduce the lower lid fullness. Results to follow!