Milly; 52, Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

Milly is a beautiful girl with a naturally heart shaped face who felt her face had become squarer in the recent years. Beautiful features were complicated by hemifacial asymmetry, the left being more voluminous than the right. We under took a face neck and lateral temporal brow lift to restore Milly’s facial proportions to their natural position. This is her journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

Milly did brilliantly yesterday, I had do work significantly harder on the left side to sculpt the right shape due to the existing fullness. I suspect if she bruises it will be this side. Already her jaw and neck lines look softer, the hollows under her eyes from inferior descent of her mid face are fuller and subtle lateral brow elevation has nicely freshened her eyes. Let’s see her in a week.

One week after surgery

A week out and a new even more stunning version of Milly comes back to clinic. Her facial proportions are beautifully rejuvenated and her mid face is fuller. Swelling persists and will slowly resolve over the coming weeks. Milly’s lateral brow lift has delicately opened her upper eyelid show whilst the facelift has supported her lower lid hollowing. Below is her 3D visual analysis then today which really shows the elevation in maximum cheek volume.

Six weeks after surgery

6 weeks after surgery Milly is back and looks just beautiful. Most of her swelling had now settled and the remainder will gradually resolve out to 3 months. Milly’s naturally pretty face has been rejuvenated proportionately with her middle third now most voluminous supporting the lower eyelids and sweeping down to a nicely defined jaw and neck line. Her lateral brow elevation has further accentuated her natural eyelid shape. Milly’s scars are doing well and should contract and fade over the next few weeks. Such a lovely lady, this face suits Milly so much better!