Rosemary, 68; Facelift, neck lift surgery

Rosemary sought my advice to improve her excess neck skin and lower facial third. A petite and naturally pretty lady, I feel the descent of her mid face had used jowling and secondary significant neck skin laxity, however her midline neck muscles remained intact meaning that I felt we didn’t need to perform a platysmplasty to get close to the result she wanted. Here is her story.

Morning after Facelift, neck lift surgery

Surgery went brilliantly yesterday. Just before these photos were taken however and just after her hair wash a small blood vessel behind Rosemary’s right ear opened and needed quick intervention. She will have more brushing on this side and maybe a seroma (collection of fluid) that will need regular draining until it settles. Despite this her result should be unaffected and that excess neck skin significantly reduced. She looks great so far.

One week after surgery

A week after surgery, Rosemary is back from removal of her stitches and needle drainage of her seroma. She is a bit bruised but this should improve quickly after laser treatment. Her face and neck look great. She will have some swelling under the chin in the midline neck for another week or so which should then settle.

Four weeks after surgery

A month out and Rosemary is healing beautifully. Her left ear is a little red but healthy and not infected and should heal just fine in a few more weeks. The right neck is hard and ‘woody’ where the lymphatics have worked hard to clear the remaining serous fluid from her bleed and will soften and settle with time and massage. Her result looks brilliant. Neck skin significantly reduced and facia shape balanced and proportionate from Rose’s lovely petite features. Her 3D analysis today below shows dramatically the improvements in her neck.

Three months after surgery

Rose is back for review 3 months out from her surgery and really well healed now. Her scars are practically invisible even with her shorter hair and her neck and jawlines are more defined. The previously lax neck skin and décolleté  are much smoother and overall She looks fresh and rejuvenated.  Lovely result!